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Featuring stories by Seattle's own Pagan Moss.

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Changing Face of Sex-Workers in Indian Movies


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Some movies of her here:

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Let the Games Begin

. . . ah, but this title doesn't do this article's contents justice--for it is really about how sexy and sex-crazed those beautiful Olympians are. Some choice quotes:

The further into the fortnight you get, the fewer people you have living under coach-policed curfews, forced to abstain from the bacchanalia. And once they’re done, watch out: thousands of young people with boundless energy and great legs are suddenly let loose.

"When you have 10,000 people walking around who are amped up on their own glycogen you can almost see the sparks flying off their skin," says BJ Bedford, the American backstroke gold-medallist at Sydney.

At the Albertville winter Olympics, condom machines in the athletes’ village had to be refilled every two hours.

"There’s a lot of sex going on. You get a lot of people who are in shape, and, you know, testosterone’s up and everybody’s attracted to everybody," says Breaux Greer, a shaggy-blond Californian who competed in the javelin at the Sydney Games.

Cathy Rigby, a gymnast who took part in the Games of Mexico City and Munich, once told a reporter that gymnasts’ bodies are so aesthetically pleasing they should be forced to perform naked.

"Women compete better after orgasm, especially high-jumpers and runners," one of the doctors claimed. The German team physician endorses sex for male and female athletes, saying: "Sex does not cause any loss of strength."

He may be right. This year, a Russian psychologist told a German newspaper that neither gender should abstain. "It’s simple," she said. "More sex means more gold."

Wow. Talk about Naked Utopia . . . While we bathe in the images of those beautiful Olympians pursuing pleasure, let's take a minute to look at this: 5 Reasons Sex is Good For You! Includes: getting a great workout, boosting immunity, increasing levels of happiness, reducing stress, living longer and looking younger! Hey, those are some great things, huh? So science and common sense and even the Olympians say good health = good sex! Who woulda thunk? Can I google this?


the new url

. . . so if sex is good for you, why are photographic representations of sex so vilified? A War on Porn? On what grounds?!--we cry, only to come up with, once again, those crazy fucking religious fundamentalists. Hey, if I were Prez I'd not only make actual education a priority in America, I'd also make mythology ala Joseph Campbell mandatory: learn to discern what a fucking metaphor is you stupid literalists!

Of course, there also some feminists who vilify porn . . . we here at drmenlo.com and Sensual Lib prefer, instead, to emulate the Toys in Babeland model: pro-female and sex-positive! . . . and that's SLA's basic stance on sensuality and sex . . .

I also created SLA to try and harness the power of sex on the net and point it toward some progressive aims: "See Some Nudes/Save the World!" i.e. Since I founded SLA in 2000 (SLA was first mentioned here, in Exquisite Corpse), this meme has been a popular one, and for this we are extremely pleased. Some examples:

Fuck For Forest Shags On Stage

(pic via Daze)

Fuck the Vote: Because Liberals are Hotter

Macy Gray Strips Nude for Charity

See also: Babes Against Bush, Bare Witness, Baring Witness, Blogger Boobiethon, Caged PETA Tiger Girls, Dames Demanding Democracy!, Fuck for Forest, Globalgasm, Masturbate for Peace, Naked for Peace, Naked Protesters, Naked War Protests, Protest Naked, Running of the Nudes, Veg Porn and Women of PETA!

Now, over at the new digs, be sure to check out our brand new and often-to-be-updated Complimentary Utopian Nudes Gallery . . . which includes these all new galleries:


And where would our SLA be without our number one babe?

Thank You Pagan Moss!

And thank you: JP, Klintron, the Thistle, Sauceruney and Soy Joy! Thanks to all our linkers! The Revolution Will Be Sensualized, Indeed! (click here to help.)

Finally, a big thanks to SLA's number one referrer: thank you Indie Nudes!

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(We'll Take Prada.)

Conservatives to Protest RNC Protests

. . . someone on Air America--I don't remember who--recently voiced an idea I've had since participating in the original 1999 WTO protests in Seattle: Wear Suits! Talking to the Bush/Operation Enduring War (Mass Murder)/Operation Enduring Caryle Group-Halliburton Profits protestors, y'understand: Wear Suits! Nothing would confuse the Fox propagandists et al. more . . . it would be especially (ahem) suitable when confronting these young fascist punks. They can have their Brooks Brothers; we'll take Prada. (or wearing the most humanist uniform of all, would also be nice . . . )

Naked Protesters

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"Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill . . . It's like it pounds at my brain."

Troops, returning home with untreated and little-understood mental health issues, put themselves and their families at risk for suicide and domestic violence, experts say. Twenty-three U.S. troops in Iraq took their lives last year, according to the Defense Department — an unusually high number, one official acknowledged.

On patrol, however, all that is available is talk.

"Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill," Hall says. "It's like it pounds at my brain. I'll figure out how to deal with it when I get home." [more]

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