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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Matthews: According to the papers this week, there's three guys in the running right now. They're all men. They're all white guys, because it seems to be the list we go from anyway.

Franken: OK, white men. So you're talking Edwards, Gephardt and Vilsack?

Matthews: No, Edwards, Gephardt and Clark still.

Franken: Oh, Clark.

Matthews: Clark is back in. Vilsack seems to be out.

Franken: Oh, I don't follow these as closely as you do.

Matthews: Which of those three do you think is the most likely to be picked by the next convention?

Franken: I'd say Edwards is. They have to make a sort of threshold choice, Edwards or not. So I think that's a 50-50 on Edwards.

Matthews: That's very shrewd. That's exactly where I think it is. No, I really do think that's what he thinks, too.

Franken: Thank you. (LAUGHTER)

Matthews: Fifty-fifty on Edwards. Which way would youif you were putting together the ticket, where would you go?

Franken: I would go with Edwards. I'll tell you why: The job of the running mate is to make the case for the guy at the top of the ticket. Well, who would you like to make the case for you other than one of the great trial lawyers in our country?

Matthews: So he's the up-up man. He's the guy who's going to say, I give you John Kerry. I think he complements more than supports. I think he would be the regular guy, humble upbringing, son of a factory worker, a father who lost his job, a good thing to take that case to Ohio, places like that.

Franken: Yes, absolutely. The two Americas. [more]

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