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Saturday, July 05, 2003
Dennis Miller is probably already at the feet of Rove: "Massuh, please tell me now how I'm a gonna go about responding to this man, suh? This Mailer man, suh? I mean, I got all the references up hee-ah [motions to head], but in what context shall I array them, suh? I mean, uh, what tack to take?"

"Hm," sez Rove. "Well now, we'll have to attack him, of course. Attack him personally. Make jokes about how you'd rather read a thousand page tome on his geriatric sex life, that sort of thing. And tell him if that doesn't work, you'll set Gloria Steinem on his ass. 'Now that the fish finally decided she needed a bicycle, she soon found out that she needed more than one to make up for all that lost time.'"

Miller is on his back, giggling hysterically. "It makes fun of Mailer and those nutty feminists all at the same time--oh, brilliant, suh. I'll fit a reference to some obscure philosopher in there somewhere, suh."

"Ok, now, funnyman," Rove sez, taking the cigar out of his mouth and giving it an elongated eyeful. "Time for another historical White House re-enactment . . . "

A former British intelligence chief criticizes Blair for misuse of intelligence in Iraq WMD claims
Also there are new claims that Iraq destroyed its WMD in the mid90s
Google Goggle
In case you haven't seen this yet, go to, type in 'weapons of mass destruction' without the quotes, then push "I'm Feeling Lucky."
"Sadly, the threat of criticism is still with us," Bush told members of Congress during a 2 p.m. televised address. "We thought we had defeated criticism with our successes in Afghanistan and Iraq. We thought we had struck at its very heart with the broad discretionary powers of the USA Patriot Act. And we thought that the ratings victory of Fox News, America's News Channel, might signal the beginning of a lasting peace with the media. Yet, despite all this, criticism abounds." [more]
the usa is an interesting country.

there is martha stewart. martha stewart is the hyacinth bucket of north america.
martha stewart has published hundreds of thousands of words about how to dust and
how to vaccuum. she has written reams about the fine points of
selecting antique bed and table linens. martha stewart has big legal difficulties
around her financial portfolio because even though she worked in the stock market
industry, she was apparently unable to grasp the fine points of ethical behavior.
nevertheless she has many many admirers and an incomparable victim-script:
she was not quite as unethical as mr enron, who is a white male. MORE ->
Friday, July 04, 2003
How can the US build public support in Iraq?
Two Middle Eastern specialists at the Library of Congress say the answer lies in little-known plans by the celebrated American architect Frank Lloyd Wright for rebuilding Baghdad into a glittering capital of Islamic culture like the one that once dazzled the world.
via PLANetizen.
"However designers chose to interpret America's manly ideals, whether the stubborn outlaw or the fresh-faced Midwesterner, it was clear they had American power on their minds. Bernhard Willhelm put his buff models in camouflage and war paint and sent them around a cartoon training course — popping off balloons instead of ammo."
Thursday, July 03, 2003
The Israeli Government has confiscated large swaths of Palestinian land in the West Bank this week - for the purpose, Palestinians allege, of building settlements - in flagrant breach of commitments under the US-led road map to peace.

On Wednesday an Israeli official and soldiers were marking out olive groves and other ground outside the villages of Beit Eksa and Beit Souriq, north of Jerusalem.

"State land. Entry prohibited," read a sign erected on village land in the name of the Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria, the Israeli body that oversees military rule in the West Bank. The Palestinians say the Israelis plan to build settlements to link two Jewish towns built on land seized from the Arab villages in the 1980s. The accusation would fit with Israeli plans for a "greater Jerusalem".

One Palestinian cabinet minister, Yasser Abed Rabbo, said Israeli President Ariel Sharon was using the military's withdrawal from Bethlehem, and Gaza earlier in the week, as a cover for land seizures. "The road map says they should stop the confiscation of land, they should stop the demolition of homes, but all the Israelis do is talk of the difficult decisions they have to make," Mr Rabbo said.
That was my initial reaction to Fukuyama. Then, a few weeks ago, I thought about him again, while attempting to determine the reason why I wanted to pack all of the Democratic presidential candidates into a missile and shoot them into space.

What I ultimately came up with was this: Here we are, in a world that is completely and utterly insane–where giant fast-food companies spend fortunes researching the responses of three- and four-year-olds in order to exploit them, where billions of dollars are pissed away every day on shitty movies like Finding Nemo while schools are going down to the four-day week, and where the average New Yorker sees three or four thousand ads a day, most of which tell him he’s fat and impotent and a Nissan is a better buy than his wife–and these candidates are up there tinkering, talking about a balanced budget and repealing tax cuts. There isn’t a guy among them who even hints at anything like horror before our fatuous, commercial lives.

The Democrats, just like the vapid artists that Fukuyama correctly predicted would dominate our lives, don’t want to be anything other than better caretakers for that museum of human history. They don’t try to imagine a fundamentally better world, because they actually believe that there isn’t one. They’re buffoons straight out of Voltaire, running on a platform of "Our mild improvements to this best of all possible worlds."
Here's a rich one: the Bully Boys are suspending aid to countries in the International Criminal Court who will not promise not to prosecute American citizens, like Americans are above the law?
News Excerpt: "The Bush administration has underlined its refusal to co- operate with the International Criminal Court (ICC) by suspending military aid worth almost $50m(£30m) to 35 countries that have refused to promise not to prosecute American citizens. Its behaviour was condemned as that of 'schoolyard bullies'."
Wednesday, July 02, 2003

BEIT HANOUN, GAZA STRIP – Faisal Shawwa, Palestinian olive grower and US citizen, is a man in search of compensation.

In late May, Israeli bulldozers plowed under 1,524 of his five-year-old olive trees - leaving a lone tree standing. The Israelis also destroyed an automated well and the irrigation system that delivered water to the trees. "It's not for security, it's just hate," Mr. Shawwa says. He plans to sue the Israeli government.

He and some other businesspeople in this northern Gaza town are stunned by what they are finding in the wake of the Israeli military's withdrawal: industrial buildings flattened, machinery ripped apart, trees uprooted.

"It's an earthquake," says the Palestinian Authority's governor for Gaza, Mohammed al-Qudwa, standing amid the remains of what was once the territory's largest floor-tile factory. "This is the destruction of the economic infrastructure of the Palestinian people;it's not for security reasons," he adds, citing the Israeli rationale for the demolition of trees and buildings.
Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Take part in the First Annual Weekly Standard/Project for a New American Century cruise and spend 8 imperial days/7 unilateral nights aboard the USS Benevolent Hegemon!
Monday, June 30, 2003
he barrier - cutting off the West Bank from Israel with fencing, trenches and walls - was sharply criticised by US President George W Bush's national security adviser Condoleezza Rice during talks with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

According to the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot, Rice told Sharon on Sunday that the construction of the fence was seen by the Palestinians as the precursor to the border of a future Palestinian state. Such a border can only be determined through negotiations under the road map - an international peace plan which seeks to end 33 months of bloodshed and pave the way for a Palestinian state by 2005.

"The route of the security fence that you are building ... arouses our deep concern," Yediot quoted Rice as saying.
Dr Menlo mentioned he'd come across a book to which I wrote the Introduction, Ernst Friedrich's WAR AGAINST WAR and here's the Intro to the book which I think is now out of print from the Website ILLUMINATIONS that I helped produce
Ernst Friedrich's Pacifistic Anarchism by Douglas Kellner
Wrap Up of June 27th Move On Results
Well, like a pundit I admire, Max Sawicky, I'm going to go over what I got right and wrong about Moveon's online primary. (By the way, this is very unlike Instapundit and Pejman "Soon I Will Be Named The King of Persia!" Yousefzadeh who never admit they're wrong, at least not in public.)

I was right that Dean would probably win the vote. I was right that he probably wouldn't hit 50 percent. That was just too high. However, here at American Samizdat where I've been debating Dean Vs. Kucinich (You just have to scroll down. You know how blogger is with permalinks.), I made it clear that I wasn't that impressed with Kucinich's online efforts thus far. I was wrong. He came in second. That's pretty impressive or it was a sabotage vote from the usual Freeper suspects, but to believe in a fair and loving world for a moment, that's still pretty impressive. Hey, the guy beat Edwards, Kerry and Gephardt. Not bad. I also remarked where's the guy's blog? Well, Kucinich does have a blog here. In fact, Kucinich seems to be doing more original posting than Dean. So, while I don't think Kucinich has outperformed Dean on the net, it's clear that the former Cleveland mayor has outperformed every other candidate.

It also proves that the net offers a level playing field. Where would we be without this wonderful form of expression and change...Let's hope that will be enough.
Sunday, June 29, 2003
Feb. 6, 1993
Here is a collection of MP3s that include the best of this legendary show from 1993. Also included is a bonus track of a pre-show interview on KUSF radio, San Francisco with several of the participants .

The roster includes; Hakim Bey, Robert Anton Wilson, Nick Herbert, Rob Brezsny and Joseph Matheny.

Download them and enjoy!

Note: A couple of spots in the tapes that these MP3s were made from were on the deeper end of a degradation process, therefore the quality is as good as it can be while also keeping file size in mind. Do a right click and "Save As"to save these files to your hard disk.

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