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Saturday, June 07, 2003
I have heard from a reliable yet unnameable source that some Bechtel employees who were slated to go to Iraq for an extended work-spree have been indefinitely delayed from their mission because some of their fellow Bechtel employees (amount unknown) have already gone missing.
BUZZFLASH: The title of your book is pretty provocative Bush's Brain. Where are we supposed to go with that concept?

JAMES MOORE: Well, originally I didn't intend for it to be pejorative. I wanted it to strictly speak to what Karl Rove's role was, and that was his nickname. It was one of three nicknames that he had from the press corps and from Governor Bush. Governor Bush called him Boy Genius. And the press corps -- when everybody referred to him in the thirty party -- we said: Oh, he's Bush's Brain.

And it was meant as he's a brainy guy, a brainy fellow. But the title of the book is sort of two-fold; I wanted it to cut both ways. I wanted it to be a little pejorative, but I also wanted it to directly refer to Karl. The other nickname for Karl, which the President has, which is a sort of Texas colloquialism, is Turd Blossom, which means something wonderful that grows up out of a cowpie.
I plan to buy this book soon, if only to feed "The Anti-Rove"--coming soon!
The veteran reporter, who spent time with American forces in Tikrit, praised British troops for their conduct during the war but said in an interview with Soldier magazine that the Americans "lost control".

"They lost all control - screaming, shouting and kicking people," Simpson said, adding that US soldiers' fear of snipers led to a 'shoot first, ask questions later' attitude.

"One of the marines shouted 'Snipers!' and put up his gun, pointing it at a man on a rooftop. I could see it was an old boy putting out a blanket to air and I said to him in a quiet voice that I would be the witness at his trial for murder if he pulled the trigger. He stopped," said the BBC reporter.
Friday, June 06, 2003
Doctors Reveal Bush Using Corked Vice-President -
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"Americans, still reeling after Sammy Sosa was ejected from a baseball game for using a corked bat, now have another corking story to face. Doctors at the Bethesda Naval Hospital announced that a routine brain scan of Vice-president Dick Cheney revealed that he was corked." BBspot [via walker]. Yeah but, as with Sosa's bat, expert testimony suggests it didn't really do anything for his performance.
Thursday, June 05, 2003
In early March -- when the world was distracted by Iraq -- Sharon quietly announced that the security barrier currently carving out chunks of Palestinian farmland near the northern West Bank border will go east, severing the central West Bank region from its Jordan Valley hinterland. In April he mused that mammoth Jewish settlements like Ariel that lie 20 kilometres within the West Bank would eventually be "on our side of the fence".

If so, these walls would cage the emerging "Palestinian entity" into three disconnected cantons in the north, centre and south of the West Bank, covering about 42 percent of its territory but hosting most of its two million or so denizens. This is the "occupation" Sharon wants to end: Israel's occupation of the Palestinian "people", not the occupation of the land and resources that is their patrimony.

"The provisional Palestinian state is a new term for Sharon's old strategy for achieving a long-term interim agreement," says PA Labour Minister Ghassan Khatib. "We know that if we get trapped in this phase we won't be able to move to the final status phase -- there is no chance Sharon will allow this. We also know that the provisional state will be autonomy in effect but occupation in practice. Only it won't be called autonomy -- it will be called statehood and Israel would be let off the hook."
Wednesday, June 04, 2003
The immediate consequence of Sharon's embrace of the road map was the appearance of signs pronouncing him a "traitor," a term that has borne dark significance since it gained wide currently in far-right circles in the tumultuous weeks preceding Rabin's murder.

Another reminder of the pre-assassination period was the scheduling of a mass right-wing protest to take place hours after the Aqaba summit in Jerusalem's Zion Square, the site of a virulent anti-government rally held exactly a month before Rabin was gunned down by religious militant Yigal Amir.

The threat of possible violence was voiced in an indirect but ominous manner at the weekend by cabinet minister Avigdor Lieberman, leader of the far-right National Union bloc and a resident of the West Bank settlement of Nokdim.

In a television interview, Lieberman cautioned that uprooting settlements touched nerves so sensitive in Israel that the step could spark civil war.

Compounding the tension, rabbis in the territories were quoted as singled out Sharon in a statement that included the phrase, "How the mighty are fallen" - something commentators compared to a funeral eulogy.
Wolfowitz outs himself as a conspiracy theorist with this plainly false assertion that dirty oil filthied the purity of our noble struggle against Global Terror and it's most notable architect. I hope Glenn and his lynch mob give this fringe loon a good solid "Fisking."
Bore-blogger Watch and the WMDS
More tiresome shit from the private sector administration flacks. This on Saddam, from Dreck Central Station:
He was the patron and armorer of international death squads.
Pappy Bush best watch out...
He was the first in history to procure the weapons of genocide and deploy them for that purpose.
Didn't anybody tell this asshole about the scholarly work of Martin Amis?! Species shame on you, Michael J. Totten.

Many words precede and follow the above, none of them worth reading for informative content. The piece though is worth having a look at for the symmetry between the idiot's line and that of the administration:
Bush's staunchest critics insist he is a liar. Let them go on insisting. We will know the truth in time. Even if we don't, it doesn't change the outcome of the war. The coalition forces were victorious.
We won, so forget about everything.

With such low-grade fuel powering the Bush death machine, it may well stall out sooner than anticipated.

Key for the moment, I think, is to not allow the bastards to depict the Weapons of Mass Disappearance as an intelligence failure, but as a piece of murdreous duplicity by an administration that sought out fraudulent "intelligence" reports when their own official services were correctly telling them that the threat posed by Saddam was nearing nil. Blair's being personally called to account in England. The same should be done stateside.
Tuesday, June 03, 2003
According to the results of the Pew Center's recent "Views of a Changing World 2003" poll, the "war in Iraq has widened the rift between the United States and the rest of the world, with a steep plunge in Americans' views of their traditional allies and a further surge of anti-Americanism in Muslim countries," Meg Bortin of the International Herald Tribune reports.

The poll of more than 15,000 people in 20 countries and the Palestinian Authority, conducted in May by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center...forcefully supported the finding of an earlier survey that a U.S. war with Iraq would fuel anti-American sentiment.

As could be expected, this feeling is strongest in the Muslim world, where negative attitudes toward the United States have soared since the war on Iraq began March 20 with a wave of American air attacks over Baghdad.

One of the most extreme shifts was seen in Turkey, where the government, heeding popular sentiment, decided not to allow United States to use its soil as a base for attacks on Iraq although Washington and Ankara are partners in NATO.

The poll found that 83 percent of Turks now have an unfavorable opinion of the United States, up from 55 percent last summer.

...In fact, feelings are so intense in the Islamic world that Osama bin Laden was chosen by five Muslim publics - in Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan and the Palestinian Authority - as one of the three political leaders they would most trust to "do the right thing" in world affairs.

Andrew Kohut, director of the Pew Research Center, said he had been surprised by the extent to which "the bottom has fallen out" in the Muslim world.

"Anti-Americanism has deepened, but it has also widened," he said. "You now find it in the far reaches of Africa - in Nigeria, among Muslims - and in Indonesia. People see America as a real threat. They think we're going to invade them."
Can't say we didn't warn them...
Monday, June 02, 2003
'Significant problems' with 9/11 detainees
An internal Justice Department investigation found "significant problems" with how alien detainees were treated in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The problems included physical and verbal abuse, extended detention without cause and unacceptable conditions, particularly at a New York City facility.
An Exodus Grows in Brooklyn
The FBI grabbed the cook at Lazzat Pakistani Pizzeria as he spun dough. The plump newsstand man from Lahore rode the D-train to register with the Immigration and Naturalization Service -- and never came back. The owner of Kashmir Travel pulled down his metal gate one night and vanished. His darkened store sits there, paperwork, copiers and gumballs in place.

But the United States is a nation -- and New York is a city -- stuffed to the gills with immigrants. Each ethnic community has its legal citizens and visa holders, as well as illegal immigrants. The government has subjected only a handful of these communities to intense government scrutiny, few as rigorously as the Pakistanis. This disparity confounds them.

No Pakistanis, they note, were among the Sept. 11 hijackers. Just four of the roughly 410 Pakistanis deported by the United States were felons, according to the Pakistani Embassy. Three residents of Little Pakistan -- an emergency medical services worker, an auxiliary cop and a businessman -- died inside the World Trade Center, and commemorative photos of the towers adorn the walls of grocery stores and restaurants here.

Asad Reza, a painfully polite man dressed in slacks, a polar vest and a gray cap, sits, legs crossed, in a dimly lit room on Coney Island Avenue, waiting to speak to a lawyer. He's a 53-year-old gray-haired bookkeeper. A month ago, he took his two sons to register at Federal Plaza in Manhattan. The INS officials put them in handcuffs and held them overnight in a room with no chairs.

It turned out that Reza's application for permanent resident status had a technical glitch. It's the sort of problem, immigration lawyers say, that would be easily remedied in better times. Reza faces deportation.

"My sons, 16 and 18, are on the roll of honors at their high school." Reza blinks and wags his head. "Actually, they are very worried.

"We love this country," he said. "Please tell me why we are being singled out."
EVERY NATION IMPARTS self-serving myths and legends to its young, but in recent years few countries have done so quite as avidly as India. In classrooms from Kashmir to Karnataka, a new history is being produced by a resurgent right-wing Hindu movement. One finds a number of curious stories being peddled to schoolchildren: Aryans sallying out from India to settle Iran, Homer adapting ''The Iliad'' from the Ramayana, Christ roaming the Himalayas in search of Hindu wisdom.

These claims will sound unlikely even to the hardened Indophile, but they are being promoted in government-sponsored textbooks, columns by right-wing journalists, and paintings commissioned to adorn public spaces. The Hindu fundamentalist vision of history presumes that the Indian subcontinent is an exclusive Aryan-Hindu preserve. Hindu ideologues dismiss strong historical evidence that the area once contained a mix of peoples, and that the Aryan people migrated there from central Asia.
When both Tony Blair and unelected Resident Bush are telling you something's not a story, you can assume it's a story.

Which it is. Time, exercising its genius for euphemism, wonders this week how "the public version of the intelligence got so far ahead of the evidence" re: the vanished WMDs that Bush and friends used as a pretext for war.

More damning yet is famously martial Max Hasting's avowal that he "was silly to trust America."
Federal regulators relaxed decades-old rules restricting media ownership Monday, permitting companies to buy more television stations and own a newspaper and a broadcast outlet in the same city.

The Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 - along party lines - to adopt a series of changes favored by media companies. | Say goodnight Gracie.
With a record-setting 2 million people locked up in American jails and prisons, the United States has overtaken Russia and has a higher percentage of its citizens behind bars than any other country.

...During the 1990s, the United States and Russia vied for the dubious position of the highest incarceration rate on the planet.

But in the past few years, Russian authorities have carried out large-scale amnesties to ease crowding in disease-infested prisons, and the United States has emerged unchallenged into first place, at 702 prisoners per 100,000 population. Russia has 665 prisoners per 100,000.

Today the United States imprisons at a far greater rate not only than other developed Western nations do, but also than impoverished and authoritarian countries do.

On a per capita basis, according to the best available figures, the United States has three times more prisoners than Iran, four times more than Poland, five times more than Tanzania and seven times more than Germany. Maryland has more citizens in prison and jail (an estimated 35,200) than all of Canada (31,600), though Canada's population is six times greater.
Sunday, June 01, 2003
Glen Rangwala shows how the UK and the US manipulated UN reports - and conjured an anthrax dump from thin air.

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