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Saturday, July 13, 2002
Democrats Call Bush Global Warming Plan "Baloney"

"Demo-crats" . . . sounds vaguely familiar . . . what do these people do, again?

Oh, man, this is sad: Black Sparrow folds.
Martin was manager of a Southern California office supply company that did some printing when he read the work of writer Charles Bukowski in mimeographed magazines in 1965, and sought him out. Meeting over the next six months, the two men worked out a deal. Bukowski needed $100 a month in order to quit his post office job and work on the writing that was stacked waist-high in his closet. Martin gave up one-fifth of his monthly salary to sponsor Bukowski and become his publisher.

In an interview with Transit magazine before his death in 1994, Bukowski said, "Black Sparrow Press promised me $100 a month for life if I quit my job and tried to be a writer. Nobody else even knew I was alive. Why shouldn't I be loyal forever? And now the royalties from Sparrow match or surpass all other royalties. What a flashing heaven of luck."

The Great Charade
As the West prepares for an assault on Iraq, John Pilger argues that 'war on terror' is a smokescreen created by the ultimate terrorist ... America itself
It is 10 months since 11 September, and still the great charade plays on. Having appropriated our shocked response to that momentous day, the rulers of the world have since ground our language into a paean of cliches and lies about the 'war on terrorism' - when the most enduring menace, and source of terror, is them.

The fanatics who attacked America came from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. No bombs fell on these American protectorates. Instead, more than 5,000 civilians have been bombed to death in stricken Afghanistan, the latest a wedding party of 40 people, mostly women and children. Not a single al-Qaeda leader of importance has been caught. [more]

. . . courtesy of Douglas Kellner of BlogLeft
from this morning's mail to the dumbmonkey:


Higgs and Vidal Join Program Host Peter Robinson to Debate Hoover
Institution Research Fellow Dinesh D'Souza on America's Terrorist Crisis

OAKLAND, Calif. - The PBS program "Uncommon Knowledge" is now airing two
episodes featuring Gore Vidal, author of the new book, Perpetual War for
Perpetual Peace: How We Got To Be So Hated, and Robert Higgs, senior fellow
at the Independent Institute, editor of its quarterly journal, The
Independent Review, and author of the book, Crisis and Leviathan.

The programs were taped in conjunction with an Independent Institute forum
held on April 18th and co-sponsored by Harper's Magazine entitled
"Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?"

The second "Uncommon Knowledge" program entitled "Enemies of the State"
includes Dinesh D'Souza, research fellow at the Hoover Institution and
author of the new book, What's So Great About America, and debates whether
Islamic terrorists hate America because of its freedoms, or because of U.S.
intervention in the Middle East?

Please check your local listings for broadcast times of "Uncommon Knowledge"
or consult

Vidal and Higgs also appeared on last week's episode of "Uncommon Knowledge"
entitled "Taking Liberties." The pair discussed the curtailment of civil
liberties since September 11th and made predictions for the future of basic
rights and freedoms in America. The transcript and streaming video of that
program is accessible via the World Wide Web at:

For a transcript of the Institute program "Understanding America's Terrorist
Crisis: What Should Be Done?" see:

For additional Institute resources on the "War on Terrorism," see:

we think it rather interesting to note where this program may be available
Colorado Man Dies of Mad-Deer Disease
This very important 7/11 story appears to have fallen through the major-media news cracks as reporters focus upon Bush and Cheney's highly unethical previous corporate dealings, the upcoming Gulf War II: Fields of Fire, and the final end of market madness. One reason for not giving higher coverage to Mad Cow-Mad Deer disease (besides that it offends big agro-business and the large civillian population of hunters) is that until now it hasn't been demonstrated that it is a "human" problem. That is, it hasn't crossed that tenuous threshold of narcissism by which media and politicians consider the importance of information -- does it directly affect consumers or not? But, contrary to many claims to the opposite, it appears that Chronic Wasting Disease does have the capability of crossing "species barriers" and killing the people involved in infected areas. As this disease is spreading more rapidly than the Southwest wildfires, farmers, hunters, rural citizens, and policy makers need to start paying attention now, less our only solution to the problem be the slaughter of millions of animals...the recent slaugher of nearly 30,000 deer in Wisconson alone (without mentioning what happened previously in England or Japan, etc.) should underscore that this is no joke and a serious social-issue brewing under-the-surface.

The link to the story is here.
A link to a recent short synapsis of Mad Cow / Mad Deer by expert John Stauber is here.
Friday, July 12, 2002
ol' Georgie B. Jr doesn't really care...
'bout ya if you happen to be black, brown, asian, or any "tweener",
he's really only concerned with the lot of those like hissowndamnedself,
white, priviledged, male (sorry republican gals) and it helps if you're
dumb as a post, 'cause goodness knows, GWB don' like getting shown up...
from Bob Herbert, at the NYT, Suffer the Children.
"Follow the money," said Ms. Edelman,
"and you will find what we truly care about and stand for as a nation."
DOJ To Attempt Shut Down of 9/11 Evidence
U.S. Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division Robert D. McCallum, Jr. and United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York James B. Comey advised U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein, also of the Southern District of New York, that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will intervene to control access to all evidence and documents related to all private litigation before Hellerstein’s court regarding the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 -- citing “grave national security concerns” as their motivation.
Beyond Face Value: Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency. "...Many Southern notes did not feature images of slavery; this exhibit focuses on the ones that did. This collection features notes issued and circulated in the South during the Antebellum, Civil War, and Reconstruction Eras. Notes were issued by various entities, including the Confederate government, state governments, merchants, and railroad companies."
more Stupid Bush Tricks
courtesy the L.A. Times,
As a Board Member, Bush OKd a Deal Like Enron's;
Write your granny, write your uncles & aunties,
write friends you haven't written to for years and
the moron in the white house's betting on them remaining ignorant fools...
Thursday, July 11, 2002

Ain't That America
A Strange Kind of Freedom
by Robert Fisk

Inside the First Congregational Church of Berkeley, the Californian audience had been struck silent. Dennis Bernstein, the Jewish host of KPFA Radio's Flashpoint current affairs programme, was reading some recent e-mails that he had received from Israel's supporters in America. Each one left the people in the church-- Muslims, Jews, Christians--in a state of shock. "You mother-fucking-asshole-self-hating Jewish piece of shit. Hitler killed the wrong Jews. He should have killed your parents, so a piece of Jewish shit like you would not have been born. God willing, Arab terrorists will cut you to pieces Daniel Pearl-style, AMEN!!!" [more]

The above article also had this little gem...

James Abu Rizk, an Arab-American of Lebanese origin, told the Arab-American Anti- Discrimination Committee afterwards. "No one else, no average American, has been asked either. But that is the state of American politics today... The votes and bows have nothing to do with the legislators' love for Israel. They have everything to do with the money that is fed into their campaigns by members of the Israeli lobby. My estimate is that $6bn flows from the American Treasury to Israel each year."

I was curious as to the amount this came to per Israeli. I went to Google to search for Israeli population data and found the following. This is what Israeli children are being taught.

Akhla: The Jewish Children's Learning Network
Israel Fast Facts

Israel is located in the Middle East, along the eastern coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, bordered by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. It lies at the junction of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. (...)

Israel is a country of immigrants. Since its inception in 1948, Israel's population has grown seven-fold. Its over six million inhabitants comprise a mosaic of people with varied ethnic backgrounds, lifestyles, religions, cultures and traditions. The population of Israel is about 5.8 million. The population can be divided by religion into a Jewish majority (82%) and a non-Jewish minority (18%).

What's the message here? Israeli children are being taught that the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights belong to Israel — they are within Israel's borders. They are also taught that, within these borders there are 5.8 million people of whom 18% are non-Jewish minority. What about the 3 million Palestinians living within these borders? They, apparently, simply do not exist. Israeli children are being taught that the land belongs to people who lived elsewhere and that those that have been living there for millenia have no right to this land.

I find this to be truly insidious — but that's the nature of racism.

By the way — the American subsidy to Israel comes out to $1,000 per man, woman, and child — per year. Year after year after year.

In an interesting confluence of art and current events, the above painting [click it for a larger view and more info], Peter Paul Rubens' Massacre of the Innocents yesterday became the world's most expensive piece of art, as it was sold for more than 49 million British pounds. The work is a grisly depiction of mass-murder that is unafraid to confront the viewer with scenes of depravity. For related works, check out this great page: artistic responses to war, with a huge collection of links to various war-related art through the centuries....
the only thing the Bush administration excels at...
is lies, Lies, LIES...
sometimes masquerading as subterfuge & obfuscation,
but at their heart, naught but L I E S . . .
from K. Pender, S.F. Chronicle;
Ant-fraud Plan Has No Teeth;
from M. Allen, Washington Post,
Bush Took Oil Firm's Loans as Director
Fully vetted by the SEC:
"April 1991: The SEC begins an investigation into Harken dealings. Chairman Richard Breeden, who had been appointed by the senior Bush and served him as an economic policy adviser, hails from Baker & Botts, a big Texas oil law firm where he was a partner. Inside the SEC, James Doty, general counsel and the official in charge of any litigation that might come out of the Harken investigation, is another alumnus of Baker & Botts. And as a private attorney, before joining the government, Doty represented the younger Bush in matters related to Dubya's ownership of the Rangers."
George Bush, Failed Corporate Crook by James Ridgeway
Wednesday, July 10, 2002
Prison reform movement gains new supporters!

Prison reform activists are reporting a sudden, unexpected, and massive new interest in prison reform. "Contributions are coming from people who didn't return our phone calls three months ago", says one pleased activist, adding that "Issues we couldn't organize on before, like harsh prison terms, 'no human contact' rules, and non-existent visiting hours, are now no-brainers. Doors are opening for us everywhere, especially in the corporate boardrooms of America, and these CEO's are really funding us well."    
Weapons of mass destruction
it's amazing how easy it is to become what you hate.
found thru ::


Former contributer Fred Lapides sent me an interesting email full of questions regarding my post below about immigrants and 'curfew'. As I value Fred's input (and wish he hadn't left in a huff previously), I will respond to his comments here to give him is voice... Fred's original email is in white, with my comments interspersed in green. I have attempted to put this into a smaller font as to not hog this page with too much Israel/Palestine stuff.

I read with a bit of confusion your recent post at American Samizdat about how Palestinians can not leave their homes but immigrant workers can go to work and indeed convert in Israel.
Actually, these were not workers who converted and joined Israel, they were people specifically recruited from the far-reaches of questionable Judaism in order to stock settlements in the West Bank. In effect these people are human shields designed to make a Palestinian state on the West Bank impossible.

Fact: some thousands of Palestinians lost their jobs becausae of Intifada II and were replaced by those who wanted work.
Jobs were lost because Israel's response to the response of lethal crackdown on violent protests was to put an entire people in a giant prison. Of course, Israel has no legal obligation to allow Palestinians to work, but if Sharon was truly interested in peace he might try other techniques such as enforcable borders, work permits, etc. in order to ensure that Palestinian society didn't descend into abject poverty and madness. As you later note, despite the lock-down, the terror-attacks continues unabated. Security is not the issue, thousands of jobs were taken by the Israelis as punishment for the crimes of a few. By putting it in terms of "those who want to work," you are only revealing your own feelings about Palestinians and not offering any factual challenge.

Not allowed to leave homes? Do you mean a curfew--not the same thing.
No, they are not the same things. A curfew (such as the one Arab citizens of Israel lived under from 1948-1967) means people must be in their homes at night. What Israel is imposing is a 24-hour "curfew", with a couple hours of breathing room allowed every third day. To enforce this "curfew" they are slaughtering children and adults. This is not a "curfew," it is mass home detention backed up by the threat of death, a clear violation of the Geneva convention and international law which forbids collective punishment.

The curview imposed by the Isrfaeli military sent into the Palelstinian ruled lands because of the daily suicide bombings which were then stopped by the military incursion, which rooted out many terrorists and destroyed their weapons....
So are you saying the only way to find peace in the region is to put all Palestinians, including the 99% not actively involved in terrorism in a virtual prison? Obviously terrorists should not be allowed to operate freely, and their weapons destroyed, but punishing civilians for their non-roles in that terrorism is the surest way possible to both break down society and strengthen the terrorists' support. Furthermore, there are no longer and "Palestinian-ruled lands" The very idea is anathema to Sharon, whose major attacks were on Palestinian institutions and ministries, not on terrorist strong-holds. By crippling the Palestinian infrastructure, he ensured that Palestinians would be unable to police or otherwise govern their own people. And again, this is not a curfew, it is mass home dentention, otherwise known as collective punishment.

How would you respond if in your country a neighboring people (say, American Indians) blew up your buses and restaurants on a daily basis?
If my government, after having removed them from most of their land and population centers in the past, then tried to settle their remaining land with Peruvian Indians, religious fanatics, and other random thieves, and then enforced those settlements built on stolen land with brutal force including shooting hundreds of unarmed children, I would respond by petitioning my government to leave the stolen lands and offer the aggreived party compensation for their suffering as well as a formal apology for the theft, murder, and oppression levied against them. I would petition my government to end terrorism by declaring borders (Can you tell me what the borders of Israel are? Can anyone) and patrolling them, and by hunting down and arresting the known terrorists who use violence as a political tool. I would do everything in my power to ask my government to recognize its wrongs and right them through strong, unequivocal, unilateral action. I would respond by reaching out to the vast majority on the other side who, like me, want to live in peace. I would present ideas that conform to international law, and I would give up immediately all claims to land outside my international recognized borders.

The New World Order and the Stone Age
Israel's Next Target: Syria

The retiring and the designated Israeli Chiefs-of-Staff sound like twins: both Shaul Mofaz and Moshe Yaalon insist that the next war is inevitable. – Yet another war? Yes: the re-occupation of the West Bank has not satiated the junta's desires at all. In fact, the on-going war on the Palestinians, with its clear genocidal features, is no real challenge for the Generals. Using one of the world's strongest armies to chase amateurish combatants armed with outdated revolvers and home-made explosives is a General's shame, not fame.

So what is Israel up to? Although incitement against Iran, Iraq and even Egypt never ceases (Hebrew Ha'aretz says [2.7] "Recent reports about Egyptian intentions to develop nuclear weaponry WERE APPARENTLY THE RESULT OF ISRAELI PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE and do not match intelligence information in Jerusalem, according to a senior Israeli official"; typically, the capitalised words were omitted in the English edition), Israel's most immediate target is undoubtedly Syria. [more]
Tuesday, July 09, 2002
Inglewood police officer linked to past brutality

From the Guardian

The white Los Angeles police officer caught on video punching a disabled black teenager in the face is alleged to have taken part in the beating of another black man who subsequently spent five days on a life support machine last month.

And, as I watch the video of the Inglewood beating, I can't help but notice several other police officers actively involved in the beating by holding the teenager down. One hopes they will be indicted too.

A report from Congo

Congo's civil war may have claimed as many as 3m lives. The country is so inaccessible that its horrors are rarely reported
On The West Bank, New Immigrants Dig In
Just two months ago, Mariano Perez, a Peruvian Indian, was living a quiet life as a construction worker on the Pacific coast of his homeland. He had never been to Israel, spoke no Hebrew, and until late last year, wasn't considered Jewish. Today, Perez wears a yarmulke, has changed his first name to Mordechai and is on the front lines of the Mideast conflict.

Palestinians who can trace their family roots in the area back thousands of years do not have the right to leave their homes while new immigrants recruited from all over the world are given subsidized housing, water, and other services as incentives to colonize more Palestinian land. This is injustice at is most pure, enforced by a brutal military presence designed to crush any and all resistance to the settlements considered illegal by virtually every world government, including the United States.
Coca-Cola's myth debunking website. "Here are some rumors you may have seen or heard - and the facts. Rumor: Grocery stock person warns consumers not to buy Coca-Cola after June 1, 2002. Rumor: Coca-Cola contains material making it unsuitable for vegetarians and Muslims. Rumor: Coca-Cola contributes profits to Israel. Rumor: Coca-Cola runs ads that promote violence against Muslims." (via Amir Butler)
Marc Cooper interviews Gore Vidal: The Last Defender of the American Republic.

"I was in Guatemala when the CIA was preparing its attack on the Arbenz government [in 1954]. Arbenz, who was a democratically elected president, mildly socialist. His state had no revenues; its biggest income maker was United Fruit Company. So Arbenz put the tiniest of taxes on bananas, and Henry Cabot Lodge got up in the Senate and said the Communists have taken over Guatemala and we must act. He got to Eisenhower, who sent in the CIA, and they overthrew the government. We installed a military dictator, and here's been nothing but bloodshed ever since.

"Now, if I were a Guatemalan and I had the means to drop something on somebody in Washington, or anywhere Americans were, I would be tempted to do it. Especially if I had lost my entire family and seen my country blown to bits because United Fruit didn't want to pay taxes. Now, that's the way we operate. And that's why we got to be so hated."

(Some of it you've heard before, but not quite like this.)

Monday, July 08, 2002
White supremacists on trial in Boston
Two white supremacists, Leo Felton and Erica Chase went on trial today in Boston for a plot to blow up landmarks related to blacks and Jews.  Felton is believed to a member of the ultra-right White Order of Thule. So far, they appears to be just your normal nutcase white supremacists, except here's the kicker.  Leo Felton's father is black.

"Felton, 31, was born in Silver Spring, Md., the son of a white mother and a black father who were civil rights activists.  Felton blamed his parents and their interracial marriage for his troubles. He said the commingling of black and white blood was 'evil' ".

Uh, Leo, if mingling of black and white blood is evil, and your father is black, doesn't that make YOU evil, by your own 'logic'?
Israeli Apartheid? Israeli cabinet endorses plan to set aside land in Israel as Jewish only, barring Arab citizens from buying land or living in Jewish towns. Opponents have labelled the plan blatently racist. I wonder what the US policy on this is?
MAMBO... Enjoy Privacy... MAMBO, Love and Underwear. From Works by MAMBO. "...MAMBO is an emerging artist of the hip-hop French scene, who started painting on the B line of the Paris subway. Half French, half Hungarian, born in Chile, he chose his afro-Cuban signature after an African proverb: 'If you have not studied, travel and paint the streets'."
Bush still momma's boy. "When he padded into his parents' bedroom to have coffee with his mother and father and other family members at 6am, the President made the mistake of putting his feet up on a table. In a story recounted repeatedly since then by his father, Barbara Bush promptly told her son to put them back on the floor. 'For God's sake, Barbara, he's the President of the United States,' Bush the Elder recalled saying. 'I don't care,' the former first lady is said to have replied. 'I don't want his feet on my table.'"

Roy Edroso, Editor

"Roy makes decisions for Martin and writes the column Crank Watch. He also teaches English, writes copy, plays bass with Lach and the Secrets, and works as a freelance reporter. In the 1980s, Roy was a member of New York punk-rock sensations the Shaved Pigs and the Reverb Motherfuckers. More recently, he played with Lancaster County Prison. Roy lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn."

Roy's official site is here.

Roy Edroso, folks! Just one of the many talents currently over at Warblogger Watch!

Sunday, July 07, 2002
Saddam Hussein's stepson

Let's see, Saddam's stepson is being held in Florida while the Feds investigate his attempt to enroll at the SAME flight school that 9/11 terrorists went to, yet they say he probably was not involved in anything serious. Huh? The Bushies are aching to stomp Iraq, Saddam's stepson drops like a present from heaven, and we say we're not interested. Something doesn't add up.

L.A. airport shooter

There's something odd here too. The authorities are being real close-mouthed about it, not even releasing info about how Hesham Mohamed Hadayet was shot except to say that a bullet to the abdomen killed him. They will not say how many times he was shot, something which is standard in autopsy reports.
Also, he wife and kids were in Egypt on vacation when this happens, which implies premeditation to me.

And this from L.A. Examiner

According to the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, the London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat is reporting that law enforcement officials are investigating whether LAX shooter Hesham Mohammed Hadayet met with Osama bin Laden right-hand man Ayman Al-Zawahiri in 1995 and 1998. Al-Zawahiri, Ha’aretz reports, was the leader of the Al-Jihad terrorist organization at the time, visited California in 1998, and is currently missing.
First of all, let me say that my pseudonym is for literary fun . . . and my real name has been published on my blog as well as on Craig Jensen's (BookNotes). If you want to be a good sleuth, you can trace my actual identity back on the net to the first blog, which claims that the comedy newspaper I created at Georgetown--the Georgetown Gonzo--is the first comedy rag ever to be put on the internet.

Second, I don't take kindly to those who threaten lawsuit over information which is publicly available--that is, Dr. Weevil's real name--which is Michael Hendry.

Now, Blair may not found out, Weevil--but I will.

I'm calling your bluff.

Sue me.

A none-too-plausible narrative: the "terror network"

"A group of midlevel operatives has assumed a more prominent role in Al Qaeda and is working in tandem with Middle Eastern extremists across the Islamic world, senior government officials say. They say the alliance, which extends from North Africa to Southeast Asia, now poses the most serious terrorist threat to the United States." (New York Times, June 16.)

Michael Wolf in his New York Magazine article "Homeland Insecurity", about this narrative:

"[P]erhaps most disconcertingly, the overall narrative itself is patently a dumbed-down rehash. It's Cold War stuff. There is the ubiquitous and yet unknown and unknowable enemy. There's the international jihad, which, with only minor adjustments, replaces the international communist conspiracy. There's the sudden purported hegemony of the Muslim world -- a new Soviet-bloc-style ideological monolith. There is the otherworldly dedication of operatives bent on overthrowing the West. There are the cells. There is the myth of superhuman discipline. There is now, even, the developing Kremlinology of the next tier of men who replace Osama. And at the center of the story, of course, is the bomb. Whether in massive retaliatory form or as a dirty-bomb package, it serves the same effect."

About the media, writing the narrative:

"[W]e don't, not unlike the intelligence agencies, really know anything firsthand. Hardly anyone in the media has any experience covering the Muslim world. This whole business got sprung on us as suddenly as on everyone else. Lack of knowledge together with the substantial cost of getting smart is a big hurdle. You can't be too critical of the sources who are willing to dish -- you don't know enough to question them. It's a hermetic information loop."
Lori Nix... Accidentally Kansas. "...In 'Accidentally Kansas' I offer viewers the terror of the terrain - found not in the image itself, but in their own imaginations. Through the mind's own processes of massification my Dixie Cup sized pieces of wood and miniatures become large and looming, such as a nuclear reactor meltdown, even if it's just for a couple of seconds." From Lori Nix Photography.

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