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Saturday, June 15, 2002
If John Ashcroft can arrest somebody for planning something--and by planning meaning allegedly not having gotten past the looking-it-up-on-the-internet-stage (no physical materials attained, etc.)--and file them away into military jail whilst simultaneously stripping away their constitutional rights as American Citizens (at first it was just the 'them'--the non-American citizens, and civil liberties groups warned . . . ), and stage and orchestrate the release of this information just so to really get the American public going--that is, AFRAID . . . who's to say it can't happen to you? I mean: in a totally trumped-up way--is what we think.

. . . further FEAR.

Remember, this is the Frog Boil here, as propagated by Bush & Co., and if we look at the direction of things, who's to say that the remaining dissenting voices in America (larger than advertised?) won't get clipped? Filed away?


To further my potentially future legal (political) case, I plan to append my email with this:


EPA Plans Rollback of Clean Air Act
"The White House has fulfilled its promise to industry, abandoning critical provisions of the Clean Air Act in favor of sweeping regulatory changes that will let some of the nation's worst polluters increase their emissions at the expense of air quality and human health," said John Walke, a lawyer at the Natural Resources Defense Council.
Murder, Incorporated
While retailing some of his experiences during the much ballyhooed "Operation Anaconda," [Army Private Matt] Guckenheimer artlessly spilled what was surely meant to be a secret order from his superiors.

"We were told there were no friendly forces," Guckenheimer said. "If there was anybody there, they were the enemy. We were told specifically that if there were women and children to kill them."

Let that sink in for a moment: American soldiers were told to kill women and children. "Specifically." To kill a child. To put a bullet in the brain of, let's say, a two-year old girl. To hold the barrel of a rifle to her tiny temple and pull the trigger. To watch as the tender plate of her skull, the delicate bones of her face, her large bright inquisitive eyes were all obliterated in a burst of red mist. "We were told specifically to kill them." "Women and children." "To kill them."

So that's the kind of warfare being waged by those notorious two cowards, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. When their own generation was on the firing line, in Vietnam, both men ardently supported the war--but disdained to fight in it. For his part, Cheney was too busy with his long bootlicking rise to power: "I had other priorities," he has loftily proclaimed.

Meanwhile, Bush's daddy got his drink-addled little boy a cushy stateside berth in the Texas National Guard--but even then, Junior couldn't stick it. He bugged out for an entire year of his duty--desertion in wartime, a capital offense, if you're not rich and well-connected. Fortunately, his service records for that period were "scrubbed" by General Daniel James, former head of the Texas National Guard, who is now head of the entire nation's Air National Guard -- courtesy of his appointment by a grateful George W. Bush.

Now these two armchair warriors, Bush and Cheney, ensconced safely behind the greatest phalanx of personal protection ever seen in history, are sending out a new generation of young people to kill and die. Like their predecessors in the Vietnam War, they are twisting the faith and idealism of patriotic young soldiers and turning them into instruments of murder.

And the Warbloggers cheer them on! "Go Georgie! Go Dickie! You can do it! Kill Babies! Go Georgie! Go Dickie . . . "
Harboring Terrorists: Our Own List Is Long
Colonel Oliver North gleefully hired Luis Posada Carriles, Bosch's cohort in the airplane bombing and subsequently the organizer of the bombings of Cuba's tourist spots in the 1990s. High US officials like Eliot Abrams who holds the Latin America portfolio at the National Security Council, had regular and friendly dealings with people who mined Nicaragua's harbors and plotted bombings and assassinations.
Americans Tortured by Israel
The Foreign Service Journal’s June issue is publishing an article that condemns Israel’s use of torture against American citizens of Palestinian descent and criticizes the State Department’s 30-year “special relationship” with Israel.

The article describes a number of cases of torture against American citizens. It notes that Israeli and international human rights organizations have long documented Israeli interrogation that “routinely includes torture,” and adds that the Department of State Human Rights report has detailed these abuses for years.

Broadband to the People!
After some tinkering and tests, Meehan discovered his home-brewed antenna was far from ordinary: indeed, it's possible Meehan's humble ravioli can, combined with the know-how of a few hundred community-minded geeks, could dramatically reduce the cost of high-speed Internet access for everyone in San Francisco. In some cases, access might even become free.
United States Public Interest In World News Unchanged By September 11

Widespread predictions that the U.S. public would become more engaged in international affairs after last September's terrorist attacks appear to have been wrong.

A new survey, based on a poll of more than 3,000 adults taken in late April and early May by the Pew Research Centre for the People and the Press, has found that the news habits of average citizens have remained largely unchanged since the attacks.

What additional interest was registered in the poll was limited to terrorism and the Middle East, and almost all of this came from the same narrow, highly-educated segment of the public that has always dominated the audience for international coverage, according to an analysis of the poll by Andrew Kohut, the centre's director.

Two-thirds of respondents blamed a lack of background provided about international news for their own lack of interest in the subject, according to the analysis, while half said they do not monitor international news because ''nothing ever changes.''

The poll found that adults younger than 35, who before Sep. 11 registered the lowest level levels of news interest than two previous generations at a comparable age, remain virtually as detached as ever.

''There is little indication that younger Baby Boomers have developed stronger news appetites,'' said Kohut, ''despite the extraordinary events of the past year.''

Book length Manuscript on September 11, Terror War, and the New Barbarism available free on-line
I've just finished a book-length Manuscript available from my home page on:

September 11, Terror War, and the New Barbarism

By Douglas Kellner
Table of Contents

1. Theorizing September 11
1.1. Social Theory, Falsification, and the Events of History
1.2 The Bush Administrations, the CIA, and Blowback
1.3 September 11 and Terror War: Has Everything Changed?

2. September 11, the Media and War Fever
2.1 The Terror Spectacle
2.2 Conceptualizing the Event: September 11 and Political Discourse
2.3 War-Mongering, Patriotism, and the Failure of the Media

3. Operation Enduring Freedom and the Proliferation of Terror War
3.1 Osama bin Laden’s Media War
3.2 Operation Infinite War
3.3 All Anthrax, All the Time

4. Month One: Special Operations, Bombing, and Propaganda War
4.1 Hearts and Minds
4.2 Back to Politics

5. Month Two: The Retreat of the Taliban and Afghan Chaos
5.1 The Fall of Mazir-I-Sharif and Kabul
5.2 Tragedy and Fear, Welcome to the Terror Age
5.3 Ironies of the Cold War and the Bush-Bin Laden Connections

6. Collapse of the Taliban
6.1 The Battle for Kunduz and Prison Uprising
6.2 The American Taliban
6.3 A Few Honorable People
6.4 The Fall of Kandahar

7. The Hunt for bin Laden
7.1 At Home with bin Laden
7.2 Omar Under the Gun, Afghans Bombed, and a New President

8. The New Barbarism: World in Turmoil
8.1 Regression, Reaction, and Barbarians Amok
8.2 Prisoners, New U.S. Military Bases, and Proxy War

9. The War at Home: Political Battles and the Enron Scandal
9.1 Family Friends: Bush Administrations and Enron
9.2 Enron, the S&L Scandal, and the Bush Family
9.3 Pretzels, the Enron Collapse, and Bush’s Insider Trading
9.4 Enron in the Public Eye

10. The Afghan Quagmire, the "Axis of Evil," and Dangers of Bush Administration Unilateralism
10.1 "Detainees," "Unlawful Combatants," and the Guantanamo Bay Fiasco
10.2 Afghan and Other Military Interventions
10.3 The "Axis of Evil," Unilateralism Amok, and Bush’s Cock-eyed Imperialism

11. The New Militarism, Lies and Propaganda, and more Afghan Adventures
11.1 The Rise (and Fall?) of the Pentagon Ministry of Truth and the Lies of Bushspeak
11.2 The Battle of Anaconda and Other Afghan Skirmishes
11.3 Waiting for the War on Iraq and Growing Criticism of Bush and Cheney

Conclusion, For Democracy and Against Terrorism and Militarism

And in a land of drought and fire, stupidity rears its ugly head
HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. -- Residents voluntarily doing their part to save water because of the drought are being warned by homeowner associations that brown lawns violate neighborhood rules.

Mind you, this is in Colorado, which is experiencing its worst drought in decades, not to mention being whacked by several monster fires. But we must keep our lawns green and pretty, eh?

Friday, June 14, 2002
Thursday, June 13, 2002
"...the tendency of closed systems to shift stress from point to point without ever resolving the source of the stress."

"No problem can be solved. When a situation becomes a problem it becomes insoluble. Problems are by definition insoluble. No problems can be solved, and all solutions lead to more problems." - William S. Burroughs

Words of wisdom. Maybe we should send Shrub a copy of "Naked Lunch" as well?
Americans for a Third Way in the Middle East
As public discourse grows increasingly polarized, this site seeks out thoughtful, alternative voices searching for a middle ground.
Lester Sterling... Reggae In The Wind. From the album Sterling Silver by Lester Sterling O.D., an original member of the legendary Skatalites. A brilliant alto sax workout. The answer my friend, is Reggae in the Wind.... .mp3 audio (940K) from The Skatalites.
The Bush plan to create a super agency that will be responsible for preventing terrorist attacks has been particularly troubling and amusing.....A few years ago, I read “The Tao of Physics.” One idea that has stayed with me over the years is the tendency of closed systems to shift stress from point to point without ever resolving the source of the stress. By responding to and addressing symptoms, the cause of the stressor is not resolved and the stress is shifted to another point in the system. Maybe I should send W a copy. Well, maybe not. It has a lot of words in it and he isn’t that good with them. from ZENDUDE
Wednesday, June 12, 2002
Israelis Puzzling Over Anxieties Of American Jews
A rash of doomsday articles in the American and American Jewish press, warning of the approach of a "Second Holocaust," is prompting a rash of, well, bewilderment in Israel.

The Dream Change Coalition

Working closely with indigenous people from the Amazon, Andes, Siberia, Guatemala, Himalayas, Southern Africa and other cultures where shapeshifting dreams into reality is an age-old part of life, DCC has helped many people transform themselves and has cleaned up pollution, preserved endangered forests, plants, and animals, and inspired institutions to commit themselves to helping future generations rather than focussing on selfish, short-term objectives. We are people from every continent and every profession.
Tuesday, June 11, 2002
"I wear the black for the poor and the beaten down . . . I wear it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime . . . I wear it for the sick and lonely old . . . I'll try to carry off a little darkness on my back,/'Till things are brighter, I'm the Man In Black."--Johnny Cash

For about 5 years now, I only wear one other color besides black: blue. All of my outer clothes (excepting socks, boxers and t-shirts) are also recycled: via vintage shops and thrifts. What do you wear, and why?

What did Johnny Cash say about his closet?: "It's dark in there."

Religion and war crimes

Israeli Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein warned today that the new International Criminal Tribunal in the Hague (which begins work in July), may indict Israelis moving into settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for war crimes.

But for some, the conflict is religious: international law doesn't seem to bother them. In the last few days, Israeli newspapers have been reporting that the World Zionist Organization is assisting Jews to move to settlements in the West Bank, as part of a program to encourage immigration to Israel. The Jewish Agency (the arm of the WZO in charge of immigration) denied that it has a specific program to bring Jews to the West Bank, but several regional councils offer "assistance packages" that make the Occupied Territories attractive, according to the Agency's chairman, Sallai Meridor.
Wow, we arrested another super terrorist
Yessiree, the Bushies are all a-twitter, boasting they've arrested a really big deal terrorist this time, one who was making 'dirty bombs'. In fact, this feller is so bad and evil that they tossed him in in a military prison, classified as an "enemy combatant".

Well, pardon my cynicism, but the last time the Bushies got this excited was a few weeks back when they released several terrorist threats in a matter of days - terrorists were on the verge, they said, of blowing up apartments or sneaking in via scuba gear or poisoning water supplies. Remember what happened just prior to these hysterical announcements? That's right, the Bushies were getting hammered in the press for 'not connecting the dots' on the terrorism threats. So, to deflect criticism, they launched this PR campaign of announcing (alleged) terrorist threats - a disinformation campaign they, a few days later, admitted they were doing.

So, we have this dirty bomb guy. Read the stories about the arrest. No concrete evidence, not even any circumstantial evidence, just "overseas sources" whispering in Ashcroft's ear. Tough to get a conviction on that. But it surely does look good in the press, especially as Bush's poll numbers are slipping.

Finally, Mr. Dirty Bomb is a U.S. citizen, so doesn't he qualify to be tried in criminal court like any other citizen, rather than being tossed incommunicado into a military cell?
Monday, June 10, 2002

I regularly read Joe Duemer's reading & writing. He recently had a blogservation with Mike Sanders at Keep Trying. It prompted me to reply. Here is a page of the e-mail I sent them where I put in much of what I have found.

Blogservation with Joe and Mike
Do SUV's annoy you?

Then get a "I'm changing the climate, Ask me how" bumper sticker and stick one on an Escalade. Do it today! From Changing The Climate.
Sunday, June 09, 2002
Visit Palestine. The land of the Bible. From The Palestine Poster Project at Liberation Graphics. "...Liberation Graphics began actively collecting Palestinian posters in 1974 and now houses what many experts believe to be the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of Palestinian-published and Palestinian solidarity poster art."

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