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Saturday, January 19, 2002
I've been spending a lot of time at Graphic Witness lately. "...dedicated to social commentary through graphic imagery by artists working from the turn of the 20th Century to the present."
Hi, I'm JIMWICh, and am honored that Dr. Menlo asked me to participate in American Samizdat.

Here's a new development in the ongoing battles between organic farmers and bio engineering bully, Monsanto. I've been following this story for some time:

Canadian Organic Farmers file lawsuit against Monsanto over GM crop biopollution
Friday, January 18, 2002
Hi, I'm Dr. Menlo! You may remember me from such weblogs as "Dr. Menlo Blogs From Space!" and "Sensual Liberation Saves the World!"

Now, we wanted to create a new group blog over here at Dr. Menlo, so here it is!

If you have been invited and are not sure what this blog is about--let's just say it's an experiment. The basic theme is underground--which doesn't mean necessarily political . . . so let's just see what happens . . .

People, so far, who have already accepted the invite: Fred Pyen of Metascene, Andrew Aab of gmtPlus9, Kirsten Anderson (founder, owner and curator of Seattle's first and best alternative art gallery, the Roq La Rue), Brooke Biggs (formerly purveyor of the Bush Files over at Mother Jones, who now does the highly recommended Bittershack), and Seattle relative blogging unknown Vincent Meanie . . .

Now, I sent the invite not to everyone I like or admire, but also to those I thought might be interested in a side project like this--so if you want to participate, please email me (

Now, if you have a blog already I'm not asking for any more time to be spent on this one, but say, if Helen and Harry Highwater of Unknown News finish their 20 or 30 links for the day and have a couple stories they are particularly incensed about--they can post them over here for added coverage. If City Lights Bookstore has a new writer they particularly want to champion, or want to advertise an upcoming reading in their bookstore, or any news at all about Lawrence Ferlinghetti, they are free to do so. If Albert Giordano of Narco News has any new news about what's going on with his valiant anti-drug war efforts, he is free to post them here. One of the former employees of the Jim Hightower show "The Chat n' Chew" will be arriving soon under a pen name . . . and you don't have to use your real names, remember! All the participating blogger links will be in the left hand column (where it currently says 'links'), so you can also look at it as increasing your web of influence . . . there will also be a few unknowns, like teen graff enthusiast and skateboarder "T" . . . as well as . . . R.U. Sirius? (well, he was invited anyway) So, I have to run along to work . . . good luck, kids!

From Osaka
testing testing
Thursday, January 17, 2002
test 1.. 2... 3?
testing testing

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