Monday, November 13, 2006

I have articles coming out this month (I think) in Make, Crafts, and Rue Morgue magazines. Between writing, gallery tending, and all the rest I'm just less and less inspired to post here. I'm thinking of giving dear old Thumbmonkey the heave. Maybe I'll start an all animals all the time blog, or maybe an arts only blog. I've been posting to this blog since 2001 and I'm sort of burnt on I stop putting personal stories and I think that was one of the few things that made the site a little different than the tons of really great blogs that are out there.
So...sayonara dear readers!! At least for now....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

BLVD's show is really incredible (it opens Friday!)...Robert Hardgrave and Warren Dykeman pulled out all the stops and the gallery looks amazing. They also painting a big piece on the wall which is going to make us cry to paint over...Here's a shot of Warren working on it.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

This is completely interesting article about how homeless children have developed a complex mythology, one that not only has God abandoning his post, but allies themselves (the kids) with the abandoned angels left to help mankind against the forces of darkness. What I find very interesting is that these stories, shared amongst yound children and kept secret from parents and older kids, is that it puts all the kids who know the story together as allies in the fight, regardless of race.

On Christmas night a year ago, God fled Heaven to escape an audacious demon attack — a celestial Tet Offensive. The demons smashed to dust his palace of beautiful blue-moon marble. TV news kept it secret, but homeless children in shelters across the country report being awakened from troubled sleep and alerted by dead relatives. No one knows why God has never reappeared, leaving his stunned angels to defend his earthly estate against assaults from Hell. “Demons found doors to our world,” adds eight-year-old Miguel, who sits before Andre with the other children at the Salvation Army shelter. The demons’ gateways from Hell include abandoned refrigerators, mirrors, Ghost Town (the nickname shelter children have for a cemetery somewhere in Dade County), and Jeep Cherokees with “black windows.” The demons are nourished by dark human emotions: jealousy, hate, fear.

One demon is feared even by Satan. In Miami shelters, children know her by two names: Bloody Mary and La Llorona (the Crying Woman). She weeps blood or black tears from ghoulish empty sockets and feeds on children’s terror. When a child is killed accidentally in gang crossfire or is murdered, she croons with joy. “If you wake at night and see her,” a ten-year-old says softly, “her clothes be blowing back, even in a room where there is no wind. And you know she’s marked you for killing.”

Reading this is giving me a Mad Max-Beyond The Thunderdome moment....

Yoinked offa Neatorama....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Question
So- I'm sitting here in a cafe using thier wi fi and I'm sitting near the counter and I can hear all the barista/customer transactions. My question is this- why are a majority of people such unsufferable self entitled assholes to counter help? It is really unbelievable. I've had my share of jerk baristas, but the reason they are that way is because they have to wait on rude, demanding, obnoxious people all day. The guy who works here is the nicest, most helpful guy in the world and I feel so bad for him serving all the fat ass West Seattle housewives.
When my cats aren't tearing around the house trying to murder each other (cue Itchy and Skratchy's "Fight fight fight, kill kill kill" song) they like to sleep crammed together in one of their many cat beds.

Disgusting, eh? They have thier Halloween outfit all worked out- siamese Siamese Cats!
Yay! Awesome blog Neatorama has a link for lots of Halloween music!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Here is an amazing, amazing article in the NY Times about the effects poaching and violence have on elephant culture, paralling it with the effects war torn Uganda has had on it's survivors. It's really an illuminating read.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I just got the new issue of Seattle Magazine where I am picked as one the the "26 most influential people in Seattle". How did that happen?! I actually don't know any of the staff so I feel quite pleased with myself about it. K and I get to go to some fancy pants party where I can feel totally intimidated by all the brainiacs and entrepenures on the list. Yay!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Advice to the budding art seller...when selling your $40 million Picasso for $139 million, try not to put your elbow through it.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Okay- more pics from Ugly Overload...I am having a great time looking at that site. The author posts stuff about the animals beeing ugly, scary, and mean which I'm not totally down with...I'm sure it's all in fun and some of it IS really funny- but ugly animals get killed for being ugly sometimes and you know, don't want to foster any bad ideas in dumb ass readers.
Here are some pix of bats looking like they are laughing and smiling...and then a hairless cat just because it's a great picture and looks like a bat itself.

Lookit all those lil...flaps!

That's nice.
I thought Cute Overload might be my fav webiste until I saw Ugly Overload.
The thing is...these creatures aren't ugly to me, they are wonderous! Just not cute n' fluffy.

I wish this dog was mine.
via Neatorama

Friday, October 13, 2006

Check out this great blog devoted to the discovery of new species! It's pretty amazing.
BLVD has a big show opening tonight...the show has features written up in both the Times and the PI today.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Is he calling for pizza? Those walruses are up to something. See post below.
Halloween is coming- so I thought I'd post a small gallery of Bat-Women...a few campy, and a beautiful one. I'm not going to comment too much- as it's late and I'm half delirious.

Yes- I HAVE seen this film, and yes, it IS awful.

Me-ow! I wish I knew who painted this.

This one is by the fabulous Ryan Heshka

Here we have a walrus playing peekaboo with his trainer, who is sneaking up some sweet treat action on him. Could that be a walrus birthday cake?! Walruses are definitely becoming some of my favorite animals.

Darn that Mark Ryden and his beautious art. Things (art in general) like this are why K and I drive around a beat up AstroVan (known as "The Molester" for it's serial killer van good looks)... we can't save any money at all. I actually like this study he is releasing as a fancy print better than the whole "Creatrix" painting it is taken from.

Monday, October 09, 2006

I Was a Teenage Art Fag
One of the many names my hesher roomate Saul called me was "fag", and "art fag" when he wanted to get fancy about it. Obviously at some point he had a brief flirtation with with punk by trotting out Dead Milkmen lines, but by the time I was living with him he was strictly buttrock...Anyway, the thing was, it was true. I was a total art fag. Head to toe beatnik black, shelves full of Andy Warhol books. (Ultra Violet was my muse, because she was hooked up with Warhol AND Dali). Dripping rhinestones and leopard print shoes, and wearing a black beret (it was the 80's so cut me a break) I would sit in art class drawing pictures of fashion models out of The Face magazine and making silkscreens of Edie Sedgewick. I suppose at this point I should clarify that "art fag" is a term that can apply to any gender or orientation. I guess it just means someone who hated sports and smoked cloves and listened to the Cure more than Husker Du...(or in the case of my high school, Ready For The World)
I just started thinking about that time in my life today when I stopped into BLVD Gallery to see what the lads were up to. We are hosting a skateboard art show curated by Nin Truong of Goods, and local art legend Larry Reid. They are making the gallery up to look like a skate shop- only everything is art...the "boards" are all artist made and there is lots of art ephemera. One of the best things is a series of decks and photographs by Charles Peterson who made a name for himself chronicling the Grunge scene, and the photographs are amazing time capsules of an era...there is an amazing photograph of a mosh pit and you can practically SMELL it. There is also an installation of old punk flyers. Talking to Larry about that scene is always entertaining...I hit 21 right as grunge was hitting,(which by the way- I wasn't really into. I listened to Nick Cave and Tom Waits and a lot of British Pop, like Supergrass... Grunge seemed so smelly teenage boy to me) and I missed most of the early punk scene (I caught up soon after in my Surly Record Store Clerk years)...I was busy rolling my eyes in contempt, snapping my fingers and trying to talk in beatnik lingo, and experimenting with gouache.
Drat it all- I'm not able to post pix at the moment, but you can see the Pooch and Ojimbo show here...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here are three handcarved pop culture totems that Ojimbo carved for the upcoming "Monster Mayhem and Day of the Dead Delights" show at Roq la Rue this Friday the 13th. These things are insane, and completely awesome. (Yes Kipling- that is an angel cyclops kitty atop one of those totems!)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Uncle Bob
Boing Boing posted about Robert Anton Wilson's alarming state yesterday...he's exceedingly ill, broke, and about to get the boot from his apartment. Pretty sad, and unacceptable. I immediately sent a check. RAW's book "Cosmic Trigger" totally whupped me upside the head when I was in my early 20's, and is a factor in who I am the best of ways. Not only me, but so many other people. There was a big rally and looks like RAW can stay in his place for the remainder of his short days. Lots of people gave, even if it was only $23. Sometimes good things happen.
I'll always be sad I never got to meet him. But at least I got to help him, because he ssure helped a lot of us.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Cartoonist Jim Woodring is one of the Northwest's greatest artistic geniuses. Why he isn't more hugely popular (although he IS fairly well known) is beyond me. If you haven't seen a Woodring painting in real life,'re missing out. His watercolor kung fu is mighty powerful. I keep asking him to show with me again, but he's been so successful selling stuff off his site that he keeps turning me down, drat him. But lucky us- he has a blog, and it's just as wonderfully surreal as you'd hope.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Also- I have discovered someone put Roq La Rue up as a contender on Hipster Battle Royale. I'm not doing too good- a Lamborgini and a fancy yacht have whipped my ass...but I did beat a pair of boots, so that's nice. It's a pretty funny site.

Update: Hey, WAIT A MINUTE, I'm on there too! As in me personally, and I'm losing BIG TIME, though I'm doing better than Giovanni Ribisi, Matt Drudge, and Diddy's iPod. Dang, those Boing Boing posts are paying off!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Readers of Thumbmonkey know I'm seriously into horror- but only of a certain kind, a horror snob, if you will. I enjoy everything from elegant Dark Victoriana to cheeseball camp. The only stuff I don't care for are real life serial killers and stupid horror. By stupid horror, I mean stuff that sucks because the people who made it (movie, book, ect) just did it to make a buck and churned out garbage (most current teen slasher movies). On Purpose Stupid is a whole other deal the majority of psychotronic films and giant mutant animal flicks. Granted, the creators might not consider thier work "stupid", but what I'm referring to work that has a demented ernestness and imaginative quality (even if the budget appears to be five dollars) as well as a sense of fun behind the horror aspects.
Speaking of stupid- we rented "Monster Club" last night staring Vincent Price as a vampire who bites a horror author. In gratitude for the author's "donation" Vincent offers to get him some new material for his next book, and takes him to his hangout, the Monster Club, where all the denizens of the night hang out and listen to really shitty early 80's "New Wave" bands in what looks like a chinese restaurant. It also features a werewolf MC (who can't open his mouth very much because his dime store fangs keep threatening to fall out, and has to talk through his teeth ala Heston.) Vincent then recounts 3 stories of HORROR, including one about a Shadmoch (don't ask) who can kill people by whistling and looks a bit like Nick Cave (not in a good way) and a story about a boy whos dad is Dracula. Actually, the scariest part of the movie is the segments that take place in the club, where they have bands play whole ENTIRE songs (like "Sucker For Your Love"- geddit? Ho ho!) that seem to last an embarrassing eternity, while "monsters" dance along- the monsters being people in regular clothes with the worst, low rent masks imaginable. So, stupid, but good stupid.
I'm not really sure what my point was, I just wanted to post the picture for "Hillbillies In A Haunted House". Nice gorilla suit.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Big Daddy Roth movie in Seattle - this weekend only...
My husband K is in the Seattle Times today on a big article on tiki! Yay Kenny!

"...Then there's Kenny Montana, a King County Metro mechanic, who'd likely never admit that he's hip but that's, simply, what he is. He's always been keen on the anti-norm. So in his youth he was a skate punk. Then, a goth. Now, at 36, his interests are decidedly eclectic but they include tiki. Hawaiian shirts dominate his wardrobe.

Montana is married to Kirsten Anderson who owns the Roq La Rue art gallery in Belltown, which champions low-brow, pop-surrealism art. So it's hardly a surprise that Montana's tiki ardor is design driven. The couple's condo features a leopard print couch and walls painted lava red. Tiki is a force but it doesn't govern the décor, except for out on the deck where a 6-foot tall tiki (eBay) stands guard.

"Everything today is mass produced and cookie cutter," Montana says. So tiki, he theorizes, is big because it's about having a certain style and expressing a certain individuality.

"We are tiki people. I just love it. I think it's cool. I don't know why I love it but I do."

"The Halloween Shepherds"

I just bought this drawing by dutch artist Femke Hiemstra...and booked her for Roq la Rue this coming Spring. I think she's amazing. Her paintings are so dream like...especially the darker ones.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Big story on David Choe at BLVD in the Stranger.
Here is a funny gallery of pics from the opening, with all the local movers and shakers.

This Friday there should be another big article in the Seattle Times about the Tiki Show at the Roq...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's probably just as well that K and I don't have a kid, because she'd probably end up calling herself Wednesday and playing with these...
Christmas is coming!

Monday, September 18, 2006

me and Celeste hanging the show...

There is a huge story on Tiki and the Tiki Show at the Roq in the Seattle PI. The show was a madhouse- people sure love thier tiki! I have a few pics- will try to post soon...