Wednesday, November 08, 2006

BLVD's show is really incredible (it opens Friday!)...Robert Hardgrave and Warren Dykeman pulled out all the stops and the gallery looks amazing. They also painting a big piece on the wall which is going to make us cry to paint over...Here's a shot of Warren working on it.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

This is completely interesting article about how homeless children have developed a complex mythology, one that not only has God abandoning his post, but allies themselves (the kids) with the abandoned angels left to help mankind against the forces of darkness. What I find very interesting is that these stories, shared amongst yound children and kept secret from parents and older kids, is that it puts all the kids who know the story together as allies in the fight, regardless of race.

On Christmas night a year ago, God fled Heaven to escape an audacious demon attack — a celestial Tet Offensive. The demons smashed to dust his palace of beautiful blue-moon marble. TV news kept it secret, but homeless children in shelters across the country report being awakened from troubled sleep and alerted by dead relatives. No one knows why God has never reappeared, leaving his stunned angels to defend his earthly estate against assaults from Hell. “Demons found doors to our world,” adds eight-year-old Miguel, who sits before Andre with the other children at the Salvation Army shelter. The demons’ gateways from Hell include abandoned refrigerators, mirrors, Ghost Town (the nickname shelter children have for a cemetery somewhere in Dade County), and Jeep Cherokees with “black windows.” The demons are nourished by dark human emotions: jealousy, hate, fear.

One demon is feared even by Satan. In Miami shelters, children know her by two names: Bloody Mary and La Llorona (the Crying Woman). She weeps blood or black tears from ghoulish empty sockets and feeds on children’s terror. When a child is killed accidentally in gang crossfire or is murdered, she croons with joy. “If you wake at night and see her,” a ten-year-old says softly, “her clothes be blowing back, even in a room where there is no wind. And you know she’s marked you for killing.”

Reading this is giving me a Mad Max-Beyond The Thunderdome moment....

Yoinked offa Neatorama....