Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Question
So- I'm sitting here in a cafe using thier wi fi and I'm sitting near the counter and I can hear all the barista/customer transactions. My question is this- why are a majority of people such unsufferable self entitled assholes to counter help? It is really unbelievable. I've had my share of jerk baristas, but the reason they are that way is because they have to wait on rude, demanding, obnoxious people all day. The guy who works here is the nicest, most helpful guy in the world and I feel so bad for him serving all the fat ass West Seattle housewives.
When my cats aren't tearing around the house trying to murder each other (cue Itchy and Skratchy's "Fight fight fight, kill kill kill" song) they like to sleep crammed together in one of their many cat beds.

Disgusting, eh? They have thier Halloween outfit all worked out- siamese Siamese Cats!
Yay! Awesome blog Neatorama has a link for lots of Halloween music!