Friday, October 13, 2006

Check out this great blog devoted to the discovery of new species! It's pretty amazing.
BLVD has a big show opening tonight...the show has features written up in both the Times and the PI today.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Is he calling for pizza? Those walruses are up to something. See post below.
Halloween is coming- so I thought I'd post a small gallery of Bat-Women...a few campy, and a beautiful one. I'm not going to comment too much- as it's late and I'm half delirious.

Yes- I HAVE seen this film, and yes, it IS awful.

Me-ow! I wish I knew who painted this.

This one is by the fabulous Ryan Heshka

Here we have a walrus playing peekaboo with his trainer, who is sneaking up some sweet treat action on him. Could that be a walrus birthday cake?! Walruses are definitely becoming some of my favorite animals.

Darn that Mark Ryden and his beautious art. Things (art in general) like this are why K and I drive around a beat up AstroVan (known as "The Molester" for it's serial killer van good looks)... we can't save any money at all. I actually like this study he is releasing as a fancy print better than the whole "Creatrix" painting it is taken from.

Monday, October 09, 2006

I Was a Teenage Art Fag
One of the many names my hesher roomate Saul called me was "fag", and "art fag" when he wanted to get fancy about it. Obviously at some point he had a brief flirtation with with punk by trotting out Dead Milkmen lines, but by the time I was living with him he was strictly buttrock...Anyway, the thing was, it was true. I was a total art fag. Head to toe beatnik black, shelves full of Andy Warhol books. (Ultra Violet was my muse, because she was hooked up with Warhol AND Dali). Dripping rhinestones and leopard print shoes, and wearing a black beret (it was the 80's so cut me a break) I would sit in art class drawing pictures of fashion models out of The Face magazine and making silkscreens of Edie Sedgewick. I suppose at this point I should clarify that "art fag" is a term that can apply to any gender or orientation. I guess it just means someone who hated sports and smoked cloves and listened to the Cure more than Husker Du...(or in the case of my high school, Ready For The World)
I just started thinking about that time in my life today when I stopped into BLVD Gallery to see what the lads were up to. We are hosting a skateboard art show curated by Nin Truong of Goods, and local art legend Larry Reid. They are making the gallery up to look like a skate shop- only everything is art...the "boards" are all artist made and there is lots of art ephemera. One of the best things is a series of decks and photographs by Charles Peterson who made a name for himself chronicling the Grunge scene, and the photographs are amazing time capsules of an era...there is an amazing photograph of a mosh pit and you can practically SMELL it. There is also an installation of old punk flyers. Talking to Larry about that scene is always entertaining...I hit 21 right as grunge was hitting,(which by the way- I wasn't really into. I listened to Nick Cave and Tom Waits and a lot of British Pop, like Supergrass... Grunge seemed so smelly teenage boy to me) and I missed most of the early punk scene (I caught up soon after in my Surly Record Store Clerk years)...I was busy rolling my eyes in contempt, snapping my fingers and trying to talk in beatnik lingo, and experimenting with gouache.
Drat it all- I'm not able to post pix at the moment, but you can see the Pooch and Ojimbo show here...