Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Looks like Mark Mothersbaugh will be in town for a pretty amazing looking event Thurs 6/15. I'm kinda sorry to miss it. I will be in Victoria BC with K sloping around town and luxuriating in an incredibly lux B&B. It will be the first time we are staying in a "nice" hotel. On our wedding night, we got married outside of Seattle and meant to drive home that night, but we were so tired and had to come back the next morning anyway- that we ended up crashing at the Federal Way Executel. Classy!!
My pal Jo David sent me a cute story about the possums that hang out at thier house:
"A few weeks ago we started having regular occasional noises in our current home in the ceiling and wall areas between the second and third floor. I thought we must have a roof rat or two up there, as last year when Marlow and I and the kids were in our back yard hot tub late at night, we spotted a roof rat or two occasionally scurrying back and forth on the telephone pole wires over the alley. The noises in the ceiling last month were getting louder and louder, and I realized after several nights of the being woken up by nocturnal thrashing around that whatever was in the ceiling crawl space area was considerably larger than a rat and was sounding more the size of a kangaroo or homeless person living up there. Jack was doing his homework on the second floor recently, and called to me, "Dad, they're back... I can hear them banging around! Dad, I think we have wall weasels !!!" So, the other morning when I was getting the kids ready for school, I was in my bathroom and I heard "it" making a bunch of noise and realized that it was near the third floor eves where I had just spotted a gaping hole under a portion of the roof, so I opened up the bathroom window, and lo and behold, there he was sitting about two feet away from the window calmly looking back at me. I called Marlow over to look, and then each one of the kids, and snapped off a few photos. Jack knows it's a possum, but he insists that it's really a wall weasel, so I've named it " Wallace ", the wall weasel. I think Wallace would look really fine in a pair of spectacles and a tiny top hat. I've since repaired the entry point in the eves, but have spotted him in the huge hedge in our back yard a couple of times.
I've done some research on the possum and am now actually quite fond of the benign little creatures. They're good to have around, because they keep away rats and insects that you don't want around, they're marsupials and carry their babies in their pouch, they're great climbers because they have opposable thumbs on their hind feet to help them climb, they are very clean and disease free as they constantly groom themselves like cats."