Saturday, June 10, 2006

"Fresh Meat" install pics...

BLVD is a smash hit.

So, last night was the openings for Roq La Rue and BLVD. The openings were great- I was mostly at the Roq's...which was really fun, had a great vibe, and we sold lots of art. BLVD was a bit mellower, but the show is really awesome. Unfortunately- after I left and Damion was closing up, some drunk mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger starts banging on the door demanding to be let in. After Damion tells him that the gallery was closed, the Moron says "I'm going to smash your door in with a brick!" Damion at the time was talking to a couple of bad asses who offered to kick the guy's ass for us and looks like we should have taken them up on it, as an hour later,the guy pulls up to the gallery in his car, double parks, pulls a brick out of his car, and smashes BLVD's door a couple times. Cool huh? No one was in the gallery- but the guy who lives upstairs heard it and called Damion. Also- there is a bar a few storefronts away from us and I guess the folks on the patio saw it all. But it gets better. Moron turns to go back to his car and finds he's locked himself out. Har har! So he tries to smash his own car window in with the brick, which doesn't he goes into the Rendevous to use the payphone to call a locksmith which where he got nabbed by the cops. What a maroon. So anyway. Today is happy fun door repair day.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I havent been posting because I've been so busy with the new show at Roq la Rue and BLVD. They look great- but now I'm exhausted. Opening is tomorrow- Friday! Check the shows out online!