Saturday, May 20, 2006

More one is Robert "farmerbob" Hardgrave chilling at the Roq, bottom one is artist Robert Craig and myself. Photos by Travis Louie.

More pics of BLVD

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Oh my. Look at those feet.
Snagged off Cute Overload as usual.
I've been a vegetarian for 22 years...but now I'm going to go vegan. I'm half dreading it because I love dairy products even through they are not very good for you, and finding places to eat when you are a vegan seems really hard, it's bad enough just not eating meat and seafood. But I picked up this book last night called "Skinny Bitch" (collective eye roll, I know, I know) which actually is a serious breakdown about food and nutrition in the guise of a "chick"lit book...they reel you in with how to be thin, but it's really a case for going vegan, and they do it beautifully.There is zero bullshit in the book and they call you terrible names for not exercising and eating your fruit and veggies. I kinda loved it. BUT, the main thing was the chapter about eating meat. Not only do they talk about the slaughterhouse (which we all know is a horror show beyond description) but the deliberate random sick cruelty done to animals in the slaughterhouse that has nothing to do with processing "food"- things you wouldn't have even thought off (like raping animals with electric prods, cutting noses off "just to see what happens", and really hideous worse stuff)...and it make sense, you have to lose a bit of your soul to work in a slaughterhouse- you can't the things they talk about which I kind of can't talk about anymore make perfect sense, humans are sick fuckers. To bring it all home they have quotes from workers, admitting horrific things they themselves have done. After I read it, I got in the shower and I totally lost my shit, I bawled like a goddamn baby for about 5 minutes. So that's it. I'm done with the animal food processing industry. If you knew what was in milk you'd vomit.
Also- I realise this means no more leather. I'm keeping what I have, but no more buying it.
So- while I'm a tad concerned about going vegan- I'm also excited to see what happens physically (I should add that there is no sugar and no proccessed food in this eating plan- which sounds difficult- but these gals who wrote the book make it sound pretty easy)...I'm less concerned with losing weight, than I am about being healthy. I'm 36 and I have zero interest in my body starting to break down when I turn 40. I'm also a walking stress ball, which I think is responsable for a lot of health problems and no way am I giving myself cancer...I think a better diet can help for sure.
So...any vegans out there? I'm all ears for info and stories about being a vegan in our society.