Saturday, May 13, 2006

The editor of Juxtapoz has a blog...this way for more delicious art dish....
Here are some more opening pictures...

People lined up to look at Travis Louie's amazing paintings and read the accompaning "bios"...

BLVD artist Sylvia Ji, Ert O'Hara (Juxtapoz, Fecal Face) and Roq/BLVD artist Joshua Petker have few beers...

Rising artstar Robert Hardgrave

BLVD partner Marcus and the fabulous Kerri Harrop

A nice shot of the Roq....
Here are some pix from the BLVD and Roq la Rue opening last night. It was pretty insane actually, packed all night.

Roq artist Yumiko Kayukawa and her homegirl Gabriela

Roq artist Robert Craig and artist Scott Musgrove

We love cute puppies

Roq artist Brian Despain and his lovely wife

BLVD director Damion and BLVD artist Tra Selhtrow

It was a tad busy at BLVD

The lovely Elvia and Alyssa watched the desk at BLVD

Holy cats, my pal Terry from RM Auctions just called me from the Brucker Collection auction in LA- it's all Von Dutch, Big Daddy Roth, and Rbt Williams stuff...Von Dutch's paintbox just went for $300,000. Times have seriously changed.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Wow- there is a massive article on BLVD in today's P.I.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Final Countdown
Ohmylord- BLVD is almost ready to open. My life has pretty much been BLVD and the Roq 24/7 lately. Both shows are up. I just have to take care of all the little details. On Sunday- my next day off, I will be a drooling mess flaked out on the couch but until then there are still loads of little things to do. It's kind of amazing. The Roq show is outstanding and is selling already. I was interviewed by Seattlest about BLVD here, and I think there will be an article in the Seattle P.I. about BLVD this Friday.
Once this is all done I'll be back to blogging more interesting things other than how I'm trying to keep it together.