Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ich bin ein Berliner
Seattlest asks: Who is better- Top Pot Donuts or Cupcake Royale? Donuts win of course. You can't go up against a donut.

Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm just going to come out and say it, my genius compadres and I have werked it giiirrrlll... May 12th is going to be the art party of the year. First we have the opening of the "Alternate Realities" show at the Roq featuring Travis Louie and Robert Craig. Friends, these guys know how to paint like mofos. Both artists have wildly different styles but both paint combinations of the hyper real with the bizarrely surreal. And if that's not enough, I asked Jack West to create that fantastic score for the show and the cd's should be arriving any day.
But wait, there's more! BLVD opens that day as well and Damion and I have been turning ourselves inside out getting the space ready. It's going to look spectacular. It's in the old Roq space but we did some build out, built a dj booth upstairs, and had furniture built (desk, merch area, benches). The art is trickling in and we are really excited. Sylvia Ji sent her image over and I am crazy for it. Everyone seems to be working hard and it's pretty exciting to see everything shaping up and becoming "real". Posters should be going up all over town in the next few days.
Here's hoping we get some local press (ha ha ha!) We've had interest in BLVD from several magazines and Juxtapoz is sponsoring our first show, but getting local press is always...interesting. I've had way more national and international press for the Roq that local, and I expect it will be the same for BLVD. It's frustrating dealing with people who think what you are doing is an interesting outsider curiosity, rather than being a major direction that art is actually going (generally speaking).So wierd.

Travis Louie "Rusty, Of Unusual Circumstances" (Roq La Rue)

Robert Craig "I Yam" (Roq la Rue)

Sylvia Ji "Garden Of Sin" (BLVD)

Robert Hardgrave "Fire Release" (BLVD)