Wednesday, March 29, 2006

One of my favorite artists Liz McGrath will be at the Roq this Sunday signing copies of her new book "Everything That Creeps"...come on down and meet Liz!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Art update
My new gallery BLVD is coming along great...we are getting ready to do some build out, and we have a pretty awesome line up coming up. One thing I'm really looking forward to is being able to showcase more Northwest artists in this venue. There is a group of artists who have a real NW feel to thier work in addition to being really contemporary and I think that's exciting. I'll be posting more about that soon. BLVD has aquired 3 new partners who all kick ass, everyone is bringing good stuff to the table so I think the gallery has a good chance of being really successful.
The Roq is doing well- I'm mega excited about Catalina Estrada's well as showing Gretchen Ryan, Amy Crehore, and my homegirl Moira Hahn as part of the show. The Roq's line up is solid thoughout the year and I booked Esao Andrews and James Jean for early next year. We've been bugging James for a show so I'm glad he caved.
Alex Gross' book in going into production and should be out this fall/winter. I'm excited to see that project come to fruition, and Ignition has a bunch of projects going...I wish I could say more about them, but I don't think I should till things are more solid. Things have to get shifted around depending on what we are working on. I would really, really like to get a new Ignition book out soon, that's for sure.
Furious Quacking
Growing up, we had a small menagerie in the backyard of our house, much to the consternation of our neighbors. We had 5 chickens, 3 ducks, 2 bunnies, 2 cats, several lizards and one exceedingly smelly but good natured dog. My brothers and sister and I used to play "duck wars"...a game entailing up swooping down upon an unsuspecting duck, tucking them gently but firmly under the crook of our arms facing backward, and aiming the tail at the closest sibling. The surprise of being hoisted so uncermoniously would usually cause the duck to emit a rather forceful squirt of greenish grey goo...points were made when the muck coated the pants leg of the intended victim. Much more satisfactory than paintball.The ducks would then be released to go grumble amongst themselves in thier duck pond, preening themselves vigourously and trying to pretend it never happened.

Monday, March 27, 2006

I am really liking David Bowers paintings. It's always great to see people who can really PAINT. This particular painting reminds me of my high school years. I was a teenage goth, and my best girlfriend was more straight laced- although she had a good Molly Ringwald red hair and vintage clothes thing going on. We were dorkier looking than these girls though.
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