Friday, January 27, 2006

Vampire Girl Gets A Tan
K and I got back from Oahu last night. Let me tell you it was a major drag leaving that balmy tropical weather and sweet refreshing trade winds for 42 degrees in damp Seattle. We took pixs which I need to upload...this time we didn't do much adventuring- no shark diving or whale spotting...we mainly sat in the sun and soaked it all in. we went to my favorite spot on earth, Kailua Beach (even though more people like Lanikai) everyday. The last day- yesterday morning- it had rained so the beach was pretty empty and we had the white gold stretch of beach to ourselves. You ever have those perfect moments? Where everything is so perfect that you could die at that moment and it'd be ok because you just had a moment of perfect happiness? That was me on the beach yesterday- walking through the warm turquoise waves on an empty beach, warm winds swirling around roaring in our ears, while the bright pearly sun broke through clouds and made the surf shine like silver.

Update-I got the pixs sized...

This is Charlie- my relative's parrot who became my mostly companion for most of the trip. I tried to teach him to say stuff like "Avast ye scurvy dogs" and "Take What You Can, Give Nothing Back" but he was smarter than to listen to me. He could talk in Korean though, and do a great impression of a microwave beeping. He was pretty cute when he wasn't biting the crap out of your finger.

Ah, the beach....we went everyday. I actually got a slight tan on my fish belly pallor. K got a pretty good tan.

Of course I had to have my picture taken with every tiki we could find. The Moai was at Bishop Museum, and the other is at La Mariana Sailing Club- the "last" tiki bar in Hawaii. It's a destination spot for its decor (not for the food, I'll tell you that much)- which the owner snagged when other tiki bars got torn or shut down- but to tell you the truth it's a little mangy in there. A bit past it's prime...but the tiki carvings are really great, and they have a ton. I look pretty thrilled in that pic.In fact I look like I'm doing an impression of the face right to the left.

That's sort of it. We ate a ton and slept a lot. we went to North Shore. We shopped a bit and just generally kinda slouched around. We had lunch on Waikiki at the Royal Hawaiian and sat on the beach patio and watched the beach parade. We particularly enjoyed this one guy we named "Deiter" who spent a long time standing on the beach in his speedo, oiling himself up for like 20 minutes, being sure to lovingly apply loads of tanning lotion to his "guns".There were also the prerequisite old hairy guys in small suits, and the fratboy dad wearing a "sex police" shirt while walking with his 6 year old son. Classic. Mainly I just really enjoyed being there...I really love it so much. Hawaii, as most of the South Seas do, has a melancholy beauty, and even Oahu has a strange magic to it. I haven't really seen that kind of feeling from a place before except for Ireland, which has the same sort of feel, strangely. In Honolulu you are surrounded by the exact same things as you are on the mainland, so much so it's really boggling to think you are on a small island thousands of miles away from everything- in the middle of the ocean. But once you get out of town and see the jagged emerald peaks wrapped in midst,'s pretty cool.