Thursday, December 29, 2005

Well, I finally gave in and got a Myspace account. I've been resisting for so long, but it seems to make sense promotion-wise. We are working on a page for Roq La Rue, and I have one for myself, and one for BLVD, which is...dum de dum dum!!! A new gallery I am opening in the spring. Because I am crazy. In all seriousness - I noticed a lack of venues for "Contemporary Urban" art, graffiti art, street art, what have you...even though there are many amazingly talented artists here working in the genre. I called up my associate Damion and discussed the idea of a gallery with him...he's coming on board as the director, as he is firmly entrenched in the scene and just basically a completely awesome guy. BLVD is opening this spring in the old Roq space. Neat!