Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Drop The Needle
One of my most favorite art forms is the tattoo. I love them. LOVE THEM. I find them totally entrancing- even the bad ones. I have several, on my arm, my back, my stomach and my hips. Contrary to many people- I have my tattoos for purely aesthetic reasons- there was no great spiritual or life changing motivation, I just think they are beautiful. I've never regretted getting them- although I did do a cover up of my very first tattoo I got when I was 18- a sun and a moon on my hip. At the time I thought I was very outre, but later I felt it just looked stripper-ish. I covered it with a large black chinese bat, and got a matching one on the other side. No one ever sees these tats other than me and K- but everytime I look at them I feel happy...I think they are gorgeous, sexy, and pretty bad ass, frankly. I think I look better with them than without.
When I got my first arm tattoo- I told my mother about it. " Kee-rist, Kirsten, you're going look like a biker bitch!" was her first reaction, but upon seeing she decided she kind of liked it, maybe thought she'd get one herself. My grandmother acts like she's never seen them before- I think she blocks it out of her mind, and her beau asked me point blank why'd I want to make a pretty thing ugly by mucking it up with all that ink (and this man is Navy guy of all things-think he'd be used to seeing a few tattoos). For all my family's acceptance of certain eccentricities- there was a certain amount of towing the line that was also expected. Being able to blend into the hive when needed was valued, I think- and a tattoo was regarded as flipping a big old bird to society, forever and ever amen. Which was Not Proper. But it was the 90's so what did I care and I got myself all inked up. At family gatherings I sometimes feel a little shy of my tattoos...and I carry the idea that if I have a visible tattoo I might not ever get a Respectable Job- which is crazy because who the hell wants one of THOSE, and anyway- by now I've sort of proven I can hold a job (and run several successful businesses). So I don't really know what that is about. I guess in a way- my tattoos do represent something- but not necessarily what I had intended.
Not to mention- are tattooed people the majority yet? Looking at all the magazines, websites, and books would lead one to think everyone on earth has a large ornate tattoo somewhere.
K recently got a sleeve tattoo and it's gorgeous. I really want to tattoo my forearm, but finding the right design is tough. Maybe a bird.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Holidays y'all.
I've been working on creating a new blog with a few pals- hopefully it'll be up after the New Year. It will just be writing- I'd like to have a new place to put my longer, more personal posts, like the one I just wrote about my adventures in the trama ward when I was 22. Good times, good times. I've also been working on a big new project that I'll talk about once it gets nailed down for sure- don't want to jinx it. M and I are working on a few books- it's slow going but after the New Year I expect we'll get rolling again.