Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yeah yeah I know- again with the sparse posting. I wrote a "long" post about death but I'm still too close to it to post it just yet. Other than that it's been work work work, and listening to my new favorite band, The Handsome Family. Why the hell did no one tell me about these guys- this band was tailor made for me- broody, poetic, darkly funny appalachian tinged alt country. I heard a track by them of the soundtrack for Jim White's movie "Searching For The Wrong Eyed Jesus" and I immediately went out and bought 4 of thier cds. Jim White's no slouch either. I met him once, at Bumbershoot. After his set I went off and got a lemonade and stood on a bank of a small hill trying to get some air when he walked straight up towards me through the crowd. I just held up my lemonade towards him and he walked over and had some and we talked about ghosts and Buddha. It was nice. He was a nice guy.