Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This Friday at the Roq
Yumiko Kayukawa
"Beast From The East"

Moira Hahn
"Sunset Serenade"

I installed most of this show today and it's really incredible.
Yumiko did her first large scale works and she did them on canvas
as opposed to her usual board and they are fantastic.
Moira Hahn's paintings are flawless,gorgeous, and technically amazing.
We also have the Buttersprites playing the opening, a new wave girl
band, and all the members are part Japanese.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

This past weekend was a Lowbrow extravaganza. Friday the legendary Robert Williams and his wife Suzanne came to Seattle for Robert's booksigning at the Roq. K and I squired them around during the day- the main thing they wanted to do was have lunch at the Space Needle (Suzanne has a thing for revolving restaurants). I was a little worried as I've heard it's expensive and sucks- but the food was actually fine and it ended up really being fun. We got a lot of really good stories out of Robert, and he told us that's he's been working on an autobiography, which will be great for us who lurve us some delicious art dirt. Even though I've met Robert numerous times and he wrote for "Pop Surrealism" I've always been totally intimidated by him...it was nice to spend more time with him, now I'm not a total spaz around him. Suzanne is totally cool and funny, and a great artist in her own right.

Me, Suzanne and Robert enjoying the frigid weather.
Later, we had the signing. It wasn't as crowded as I'd hoped, but it was fine.

The next day K and I hopped a flight to San Francisco to go to Shooting Gallery. They were hosting a show that featured a few of Robert's older paintings, as well as a show by our homeboy Charles Krafft as well as Winston Smith and Eric Kroll. The opening was jam packed with a ton of 20 something hipster kids...we mostly hung out with our Seattle crew, Charlie, art provocateur Larry Reid, and arts writer (and one of my best pals)Katie Kurtz (who'd recently moved to SF). Us older art types sort of hung around together and we also spent time visiting with Frank Kozik and his gal, and C.R. Stecyk who is totally awesome. The only new art person we met was Spain Rodriguez but that was pretty neat.

Kenny, Katie Kurtz, and Larry Reid. If you saw something cool in Seattle (besides at the Roq, ahem) then Larry had something to do with it.

Charlie Krafft and C.R. Stecyk

Robert and Larry
One of the highlights of our trip was hanging out with our braniac pal David and his gorgeous wife Kelly. They are totally kick ass and I'm not just saying that because they might read this. David took us to the AMAZING Kayo Books which has every lurid pulp you could imagine. You have to love a store that has sections such as Sleaze, Hobos, Vampires, Hillbillies, ect ect. I hear it's John Waters favorite bookstore and it's easy to see why. I bought a book about the history of monsters in popular culture.

We are all better looking than this pic would suggest, especially David.
The next day we hung out with David and then caught a flight home. I wish there was some juicy art dirt for you, gentle readers, but it was pretty mellow all around.