Thursday, October 27, 2005

Holy cats. If you are interested in Lowbrow, Pop surrealism, or the art world in general you have to read this.

This is all very nice- but having slogged in the Lowbrow trenches as well as knowing everyone else who has done so, don't let this make you think it's all popping champagne corks and smoking cigars with lit dollar bills- HARDLY. I don't even know what I think about this sudden "acceptance" of the art movement.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wikipedia has an entry on Lowbrow art. With a mention of my views on the Lowbrow/Pop Surrealism thing. Very interesting!! I wonder who wrote it.

Sometimes you can be influenced by people and not even realize it. As I was researching a painting it occured to me that the name Fernand Khnopff, a Belgian Symbolist pianter, kept popping up. I am heavily influenced by the Symbolists, but never really noted Khnopff for some reason, until I realised that I had been VERY influenced in my own work by paintings I'd seen of his. For instance- I did my own version of this painting without even realising it. (Sorry, no, you can't see.) This image popped up in my subconcious when over fifteen years ago I was obsessed about a story I read in National Geographic about a mummy found in Siberia of a tattooed woman (possibly a priestess) with blonde braids, silk robes, gold jewellry, and these incredible tattoos of deer. I painted her and she looked suspiciously like this.
Here are a few more Khnopff paintings that crept into my brain. The motif of closed or binded eyes was appealing to me at the time which my therapist had some interesting things to say about. I don't know who this woman is...but she looks like an Amazon Queen so of course I dug that.

Here are some more gallery pics.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Technical difficulteeeees...
Roq La Rue's site is down...I can't find out what the problem is. I went to Verio who doesn't seem to recognize my domain. I'm not tech savvy at all and this is freaking me out, I'm not getting my R la R email either. Looks like I can't talk to a human til tomorrow. If you need to reach me try kir23 at mindspring dot com.
So lame.