Monday, October 17, 2005

Nesting For Wierdos
I love buying art and stuff for our house and rearranging it incessantly. K and I continue to mutate our interior decor. In the awesome home decorating book "Pad" someone says that they don't need to go to clubs because their own house is so much cooler. That's how I feel about our place. We've moved away from Tiki and tried to go Haunted Victorian, but it doesn't really work in our place. I guess now it's just Pop Goth Eclectic.

The red is leftover from the Victorian experiment, with a huge painting of a big eyed Santoshi Maa by Bethany Marchman, and art by Camille Rose Garcia, Darren Waterston, Charles Krafft, and Anthony Ausgang. Paper mache Day Of The Dead skulls from Mexico, metal bat sconces, a wooden Dragon game board from Africa, and an Indonesian Garuda who looks like Rat Fink rounds it out. With the exception of the art, everything was picked up 2nd hand or at Ikea. I practically live at our local antique mall.

Tiki grotto still has a few tikis we got in Hawaii, but is now paired with a space chart painting by Joe Newton. Bat fire grate, pink flocked damask pillows, and a cheetah throw tie that Victorian Goth Hooker vibe together.

It's just not home without some devil worshipping beasts. Here, Monkey practices her dead-cat-lying-in-a-ditch pose.
"Look, I'm dead. Give me Tuna."

Kukui just threatens to burn down our house with his eye beams unless I open that new bag of Savory Salmon Treats (with the creamy centers).

Sunday, October 16, 2005

It was packed like this all night. This is the view from the desk towards the front door of the gallery. That's Celeste in the front.

ROT13 played their zombie rock n roll

View on entering gallery and off to one side

Alcove d'artbook

Well- the opening was Friday and it was really great- it was jam packed from 6-10...more people than I thought showed up, I was quite astounded and really pleased. I've been hearing great buzz around town about it, which makes me happy because I almost had a meltdown pre-opening when I saw the almost non-existant press I got for this show. Guess it doesn't matter! Celeste put the show online...we are planning on making some big changes to the site and the gallery in general...all for the good of course.