Friday, October 07, 2005

Pop Surrealism is going into it's 3rd printing.
Holeeee cats, The new space is looking pretty amazing if I say so myself. K built me an awesome slick desk, and our friend B made stone tops for the entire expanse. The whole thing is painted and the book area is set up- and we've moved most of the vital stuff. The space has a wonderful aura about it, it is really special. Mark Ryden and Marion Peck paid a surprise visit today and said enough complimentary things about that I'd look like a mega fat head if I repeated them here. They are some of the first people to actually see the space so it was actually a great relief to hear they thought it was great. The art for the upcoming show is coming in... there is some greaat stuff and it's already selling even though I haven't previewed it. This guy, Ojimbo, is going to become an art star. This guy carves these fantastic pop totems out of wood and paints them. His ideas and his execution are excellent. I've already booked him for another show at the end of next year- it will take him a year to carve for it.