Friday, September 23, 2005

Not much happening, the Alex Gross book is nearing the home stretch, trying to help my anthropologist friend William find an agent- he wrote a non fiction book about an incredible expirence he had in Cambodia and it's a pretty amazing story...I don't really know much about that side of the publishing biz but guess I will learn. Mark and I are working on some super top seekrit projects that are loads of fun, I'll talk about them soon as we have a deal for them.
The gallery move is coming up soon, I can't wait. I think it will turn out great. I am a bit nervous as I'm stepping it up a bit, but really I don't need to feel that way- not sure why I do.The October Halloween show is really shaping up beautifully. Talking with some people about doing a mega Tiki- related event for next fall in the gallery as well, and I just got asked to give a lecture on "Pop Surrealism" at an art school here in Feb. Busy busy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Check out this neat clip of a wierd whalesong...