Saturday, July 02, 2005

I like this collection of cute home security stuff...

Friday, July 01, 2005

Touch and Go

I’m one of those fortunate people who had a really great mom. Far from the stereotypical mom, our mother never attended PTA meetings, drove us to ballet lessons, or cheered us on at soccer games. We got Kmart clothes and a long list of Saturday morning chores. But we also got a steady diet of Middle Eastern music, art books, fossil hunting trips, sci fi movies, the occasional ice cream breakfast, and an understanding that my mother would fucking kill anyone who tried to mess with us kids. Which of course, made us feel snuggly and that she loved us greatly. My mom, Jill, was what you might have called a “night bloom”. She could never achieve the lean chic of my grandmother, and veered off into an artier, more restrained bohemian look, wearing a lot of purple and wearing elaborate eye makeup (It was the 70’s). When I was really small she had a long deep purple coat with bell-sleeves trimmed in fur that I found very impressive, and that she wore with a cloche hat and cat eyes. I pretty much thought she was a Russian princess.

Jill has the most serious green thumb I’ve ever seen. Our house was always a verdant jungle, full of plants, from tiny seedlings on the kitchen counter to ceiling height ficus’. She told me once they were her “Green Children”, that she loved her plants as much as she loved people, which I knew even then didn’t diminish her love for us, but rather was an example in my eyes of her compassion and love for living things. I knew she meant it, and strangely I thought it was pretty cool. (In fact- I later got married in her extravagant garden…)

My mom took flying lessons towards the end of her esteem damaging second divorce, and let me ditch school to come to the airfield with her. I think she was slightly surprised herself she was fulfilling such a dream and wanted me to see it was possible to do so. Loaded up with cookies, I’d sit in the small airfield tower while the controllers would point out incoming planes, and I’d watch my mom do “Touch and Go”s- where you fly in a circle, landing and then taking off again. Exhilarated by flying- us kids were dragged to endless air shows and pretty soon could identify practically every flying craft in the sky. Unfortunately, the divorce drained the last of my mother’s money (alimony was an ugly joke) and she had to quit her lessons right before getting her certificate.

During that tumultuous period in our lives, her life full of an errant and arrogant husband, the insane stepchildren he left with her to deal with, as well as two tiny babies of her own (not to mention me),and then a crushing divorce, my mother and I had a close bond. I was an independent kid and had become very quiet and observant. Jill and I both seemed to have secret facets of ourselves that mentally stepped away from the chaotic unhappiness…her to gather her wits and me to watch over her. Later she would become a dynamic powerhouse, but in those days she had withered just a little, was just a little bit delicate. She tipped the bottle in those days, and sometimes I would see her alone in the living room late at night, classical music playing, while she conducted her plant family, green and glowing with Christmas lights and white crystals strung among them, wildly waving a peacock feather around, on her knees on the gold and white shag carpet. She would close her teal lined Cleopatra eyes and I knew she was somewhere else, somewhere free, soaring among the moonlit clouds…

Monday, June 27, 2005

Sorry about not posting- just don't feel like I have too much to talk about! I have a bunch of projects "in the works" but none is really far enough along that I feel I should really talk about it. We are working on a new book for Jason D'Aquino...that's the main thing- and we're discussing "Pop Surrealism 2" - Electric Boogaloo, which the co-publisher is up for.
The main cool thing is that I'm going to this event-y thing tomorrow with Bruce Campbell. Oh yes, THAT Bruce Campbell. K and I are really psyched- hope we get to meet him!
The other cool thing is that I met an artist today from Japan who says the Roq is very famous over there. I'm not exactly sure what that means but it was very uplifting all the same.