Saturday, June 04, 2005

How not to submit work to a gallery 101

" Why- this is undoubtedly the work of a misunderstood genius! I think I'll spend a fortune of my own money to promote this guy and make him an art star!"

I'm not sure what's happening here- I get about 3 of these a month. Note scrawled on scrap paper (and yes- I HAVE gotten them written in crayon before), a bunch of photos and a stack of slides. Excerpt:
" Dear Sir or Madam- I want to see if you can give me a show or purchase these, or patch me through to a dealer or patrons."
Now- some of these may be the result of a little mental illness, and that I have sympathy for and can forgive, I don't really mind those. SOME of these,though, are the result of laziness, deliberate lack of professionalism or research, or the attempt to appear like a "wacky" artist. This is usually accompanied by outrageous arrogance and derogatory statements aimed at the gallery when rejected. I share these with other dealers. I thought maybe I just got these as I'm percieved as being a "different" kind of gallery- but I was at a dinner for some local dealers awhile back and was relieved even the really high brow guys get wierdos carting in work in little red wagons and demanding to be given a show.
Lori Earley's opening last night at the Roq was fantastic. The place was jam packed, the art sold, and people really loved the work.

I of course loved every painting- but I am really captivated by this one- "Caterpillar Dream"- it's large, 30" x 40".

Beautiful Lori with her beautiful painting "The Wish". The painting glows like it's lit from behind. It's pretty spectacular.

Opening crowd shot

Thursday, June 02, 2005

New review of my "Pop Surrealism" museum show in Colorado. Interesting.

Camille Rose Garcia

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I am enjoying this blog devoted to corny horror crap!

My pal Rick sent over this link for Straightline Designs. The peeing table. I wants it, I needs it, precious!

Monday, May 30, 2005

I guess I've been sleeping since I just now found out Don Ed Hardy has gotten himself the ol' Von Dutch treatment. I'm glad the man is getting paid but the site made me want to cry a little. Hundred dollar t-shirts? ENERGY DRINK? I would be able to rally with this better if I didn't have to see Paris Hilton and the brain dead elite of Hollywood being paid to wear this stuff- and the inevitable backlash that's a'comin....I think Hardy is an artistic genius and it kind of hurts my soul to see this crass commercialisation. Looking at the "celebrity gallery" (erp!) pretty much guaranteed that I'd never be caught dead in this stuff now. He's probably not losing too much sleep over what I think though.