Saturday, May 14, 2005

Behind the gallery is Black Dog Forge- home of 4 amazing blacksmiths. I just traded a piece of art for this custom firescreen made by Mary! What you can't see is that the bats have glass eyes that glow red. Awesome.

The opening last night was really fun. Keith Weesner and Ryan Heshka showed up- both very personable guys. More art than I expected sold so that was excellent- and K and I were VERY BAD and bought one of Keith's paintings- we liked the spendiest one of course. Drat!
Next month will mark the gallery's 7th year of being open. Which is nuts. Sometimes it seems like I just opened yesterday- other times it seems like decades ago. It's really bizarre having a physical space that is open to the public. Most people are respectful- but there is always some asshole hanging around, touching art, slouching on the walls, being drunk and slopping beer around....last night some drunk loser skater kid jumped on a can of beer, in the gallery! What the fuck was that? He was quickly booted out by the regulars, which was great. I just find it ironic that these kids tag my windows (and my restored deco stone facade- meaning I can't get spray paint off it because it seeps into the stone) and are very disrespectful in the only gallery that actually thinks the art from their movement is worth a damn. Dumbshits.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

So as I sit here chewing my nails to nothing anxiously awaiting the UPS guy to deliver the rest of the art for the show that OPENS tomorrow, I've been listening to the new Woven Hand CD. I've blogged about David Eugene Edwards (who is basically Woven Hand as well as the main guy in 16 Horsepower-my fav band) Anyway- it's pretty Jesus heavy which I can handle as it's the Fire and Brimstone variety. However, just now the chorus of "Forever On The Throne" came on and although it means Christ on his Throne in heaven, well, you know...I had to take it there.
It always comes back to a poop joke, doesn't it?
Maybe that's just me.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Monday, May 09, 2005

There is nothing much better than making things. When I was younger I used to draw incessantly. I was told I was an artist and I felt like one- there was no question. But as I got older I started to doubt my abilities as a painter (and justifiably so- I was ok, but I wasn't good. And I certainly wasn't GREAT.) I turned to curation and found a new form of creation in that, and one that I was good at, and possibly could be great at one day. Good enough that I thrill and inspire myself and really- what more could you want than that? My new love is making's neat to gather images and ideas and turn them into a solid object of it's own. My partner in Ignition, Mark, and I are are compiling a new book (details to follow) and it is going to be really neat- I think it will definitely rival "Pop Surrealism" in ocular delights. So all afternoon I've had my headphones on, listening to music LOUDly, and gathering images to create a brand new thing.