Thursday, May 05, 2005

This is one of the coolest sites I've seen in awhile- chock full of images taken from old books.

Subjects include Angels and Demons, Danse Macabre, The Grotesque, Wierd Science and more!

Behold! The Ice Cream Cone of Death!

 Site Catalog Images Items 0811846 0811846067 0811846067 Large-1 Do you like WEIRD THINGS? You must if you read Thumbmonkey. Check out my pal Mark Frauenfelder's new book!! I can't WAIT to read this!

From Boing Boing:
From the back cover: Scrape the bottom of the barrel with this celebration/indictment of dozens of the most hilariously hideous people, places and things on Earth. Each thoroughly researched and scathingly funny entry avoids the obvious and digs deep to tell the terrible all-true tales of the worst the world has to offer.

Ease your troubled mind with the MOST HORRIFIC SELF-HELP TECHNIQUE
Could you love the LEAST ADORABLE PET
Fancy a bite of the MOST DISGUSTING FRUIT
How many people lost their lives in the WORST MOLASSES-RELATED DISASTER
Is anything out of bounds for the world's WORST TENNIS DAD
Be very careful when playing with the MOST DANGEROUS TOY
Cover your eyes when eating the MOST ROTTEN CHEESE
You have to pay extra to drink a cup of the MOST DISGUSTING BEVERAGE
What single-minded fellow holds the WORST GRUDGE AGAINST NATURE
Say a cautious hello to the LEAST GENIAL FISH
Why would anyone attempt the LEAST HEALTHY DIET


I am helping artist Alex Gross (he was in Pop Surrealism) with a book of his work. I'm pretty sure someone will snag it pretty quick- his work is luscious and amazing...I may be his biggest fan. I asked Bruce Sterling to write a forward and he that was pretty fantastic. Hopefully the book will be picked up by a publisher and out soon.

Pirate Cat is a blog outta L.A. by a well known artist who is blogging anonymously about the art scene in L.A. He has a few great interviews up so far, plus this image by Fuco Uedo that I love and totally snagged off his site.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Music To Watch Barnacles By...
Yesterday I walked down to the beach where it was low tide. As I was walking around I noticed some strange subtle movements below me, and leaned down to have a look. The whole shore is absolutely covered in barnacles, white and dried out looking. But I noticed some of the bigger barnacles who looked like they still had a little water in their protective volcano-like shell would move when I looked at them, kind of scoot to the side and move inwards. I was amazed, I always thought of barnacles as...well I don't even a limpet or something...but they are actually crustaceans! On closer inspection of a tidepool I found them feeding, kicking out whiskery protuberances that are actually thier legs, to catch food. Weird! As I researched them a bit I was surprised at how interesting barnacles actually are. Well worth a gander if you like hidden animal strangeness. As I watched the barnacles kicking in unison, there were also spiky, squishy green and pink anenomies waving, and cute tiny crabs bustling. It went perfect with the cartoony Martin Denny music I was listening to and I heartily recommend the experience.

This is what a baby barnacle looks like! (or Larva if you want to get technical.) It wants to hug you!
It's time for the Obligatory Fricken' Cat Post!
Try to contain yourself! Today we have a picture of Kukui aka Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Cheapo decorating fun
It's all about the paint. Our living room used to look like this:

Most of the walls in our place are pale green, and we have so much art that we have to hang it salon style, rather than have real stand out show pieces (I know, I hear that tiny violin too).
I really love clean, minimal, pale spaces but I just can't live in them, I find them lovely and soothing to look at, but boring after 5 minutes. I like a nice eclectic mix of wierdness and color and texture. So in an attempt to pimp out the livingroom I painted a wall a bright red, bargained for an ornate carved chinese coffee table (that looks old but I'm sure was made in the 1970's, or later) at the antique mall, and trotted out a rough looking tiger carpet I bought at Ikea on clearance several years ago. Much better, I think.

I am contemplating painting the other wall by the fireplace red as well, but am worried about the place looking too dark.

Lori Earley is showing at Roq La Rue this June. I love her portraits of enigmatic, slightly off kilter women.