Friday, April 29, 2005

Calvacade of Idiots
I knew my zen tranquility couldn't last. So- our upstairs neighbor is having her condo remodeled and the brain dead mouthbreathers who are doing the work have been dumping buckets of water laden with drywall and paint onto the tree by our window. Which is our (K and my) personal property. Meanwhile they have to walk over a DRAIN in the sidewalk to get to the tree. This kind of carelessness and rudeness drives me absolutely berserk. I left an angry message and a note, and now I'll have to get in there and replace all the dirt so my little tree doesn't get poisoned. I swear if I see those knuckledragers in action I'm going to go ballistic.
Then I read this article about the local igits who stole a bunch of art as a "statement" and who are just now staging a show of the stolen work. They seem to view themselves as art rebels but really they are just pathetic losers who can't get by on thier own merit, and stole work from small galleries and struggling art organizations because they are cowards with no balls whatsoever. I hope they get nailed to the wall.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Madame Talbot creates super cool "exhibits of wierdness"...perfect for your haunted mansion. And they are cheap too!

I admit it- I get pretty jaded about art...but when I saw Dan Kennedy's work my jaw just about hit the floor. Fantastic stuff.

I surely love Wayne White's art. He has a new show coming up...

Yeeeaaahhh...pretty lame with the posts, I know. It's just that not much is going on and now that my life is not a totally hectic calvacade of stress I've just been...well...not doing too much, as I know this time will not last. The museum show is done, now I just have to show up to the party. The book projects are waiting on other people. This new yoga thing has been chilling me out rather amazingly. It's nice. K and I went biking along the waterfront near our house yesterday and not only did we see three great herons, but two bald eagles followed us around. They even landed in a tree above our heads and we could hear them chattering/screeching softly to each other. That was pretty neat.