Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I just picked up Todd Oldham's "Handmade Modern", a fantastic DYI book about how to make your own mid century mod (but with warmth) furniture, and other neat things. I'll be making the Flintstonesque room divider for sure.
I know it's totally Time magazine 2001- but i finally went and took my first yoga class today- and I'm in a world of hurt. The only place near my house offers only Bikram (Hot) Yoga- so not only did I spend the session trying to not fall over- I sweated like a frickin' pig and nearly passed out too! But I'm going to attempt to stick with it- I bought a months worth of classes. It did feel good to stretch. We'll see. I just know I have to do something. I suspect I'd like regular yoga better but it's not an option right now. The good news is, I only heard one guy let one rip in class. I've been a bit concerned about that.