Saturday, April 16, 2005

Get out the jackboots
Tonight I'm heading to a party for the NSK show that is in town at the Frye Art Museum. Yesterday, Larry Reid and Charlie Krafft brought by Ivan Novak of Laibach to check out the gallery. It's was slightly cool to meet him as I listened to Laibach back in the day (late 80's? early 90's?) but he was very standoffish. Anyway- I'm still planning on going to the party which I'm sure will be very art faggy (I mean that in a good way). The Slovenian ambassador to the US will be there. (!?) I'll try to take some good pix.

I was given a special pack of Laibach condoms. The back says "Antisemitism".
Look at this little guy...

It's not a muppet- it's a newborn Aye Aye- a type of endangered lemur in Madagascar. They are endangered mainly because they are perceived as "bad luck"...they have extremely long and wierd middle fingers that they use to tap on trees to find grub burrows, they then use the finger as a skewer to fork out some tasty grub action. Neat! But locals think they look witchy- and that if an Aye Aye points it's finger at you then you will die soon. So they kill them.
Anyway- this little guy was born in captivity. Which sucks- but he wont be killed by some superstitious ding dong.
Thanks Rick!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Artist Coop has a blog!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

High Weirdness
This is a great thread about deep sea creatures- lots of pix I haven't seen before, and tons of links to see more creatures. And, if you like this stuff- you definitely want to rent (or catch on Discovery Channel) "Blue Planet- The Deep" which is part of a fantastic series about the oceans. In "The Deep" episode, they take amazing footage, via a deluxe bathosphere, of many of the wierd guys who live below the light levels. It's truly astonishing, and wonderful.

What the...???

After looking at many of the pixs in the link- this doesn't even look wierd anymore!
Man I love eBay. It's a terrible thing to look through when you have some spare time, I always buy crap. Like this:

I'm justifying it to myself as hopefully I can get the rights to use it in our Hearse book. I can't justify the wooden Mexican Day of The Dead Vampire Bat carving I bought as well. Except it's coolness factor.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Snapping Of Pale Jaws...
Like almost everyone, occasionally I have what could be called "big dreams"- dreams that overshadow everyday nighttime dreams- stories that repeat over and over, slightly different each time, yet still so powerful and provoking that you easily remember them. I often have dreams about Orca whales. (I have no idea why, other than my being impressed that they are such amazing alpha predators, until we make them clowns at Sea World. I don't feel a strong coonection to them otherwise) In my dream, the whales are twice as large as in real life, and I often see them very very close to the shore, or the wharf, or seawall. The effect of seeing these creatures in my dream is that of astounding awe, and frightened reverence. They are utterly spellbinding, slightly dangerous, and very close...though no one has been hurt by them in any dream. I think they must symbolize a deep rooted need for spiritual awe, a replacement for the usual concept of God that I can't rally with. Anyway- last night dreams involved me seeing the whales through a sandy beach access path. People were in the water trying to get close to the colossal creatures, when a huge grey porpoise-like creature leap from the surf and swallowed a guy. Dumbstruck, I thought "this isnt supposed to happen!", I woke in a sweat.
I don't really go in for prophetic dreams, but I surely wonder about this one.