Monday, March 28, 2005

So as I've mentioned- I went to school in Halifax in the early 80's for grades 9-10 at the old Convent Of The Sacred Heart. Because this was Canada, French class was manditory. Being that I was about 8 years behind all the other girls in French I got to have a tutor- an ancient tiny nun named Sister Cable. As I've also mentioned my girlfriends and I were total Duran Duran Halloween we dressed up as New Romantics. I strolled into my tutor session in my pirate/gypsy/punk outfit with peacock feathers painted on the side of my eyes. Sister Cable looked at me and asked me what I was supposed to be. "I'm a New Romantic Proto Punk know- when kids want to rebel some of them dress up and look like this."
Sister Cable just thought for a moment and said "Ah yes, we had those in my day too...they were called.."
She paused for a moment looking into the distance...
" Flappers!"