Saturday, February 19, 2005

Maybe you need to bid on this mummified fairy on eBay!

Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm curating my very first museum show this summer in Colorado. It's based on my book "Pop Surrealism-The Rise Of Underground Art" and the museum has teamed the show up with some other kick ass installations, including work by tattooists, pinstripers, and a motorcycle show!
I think Don Ed Hardy, legendary tattooist and painter, is one of our most underrated artists. He does well for himself to be sure, with galleries and museums around the world showing his work- but in my mind he is an art superstar...and should be massive. His work makes my stomach hurt and my head spin with how much I adore it. He just had a show at Track 16 in L.A.- who incidentally is hosting "Eye Of The Illuminati" next week- in which all the Pop Surrealism superstars are doing work in honor of Mark Ryden's upcoming show at the Pasadena Museum Of California Art.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I love love love Oksana Badrak's work- half digital, half painted. You can see more work here, but be aware it's interspersed with Yumiko Kayukawa's paintings...

Ye Gods- high drama in Seattle's teeny insular art world this past few weeks, namely Mathew Richter getting the can from the board at ConWorks. (If you are not from here, ConWorks is a multidiciplinary art center started by Richter about 5 years ago or so.) Doesn't sound like anyone can get the dirt on why- and believe me I've been asking. The board is remaining mum which seems like crock considering they are a non-profit. A business that gets it's money from grants and such would seem like they would legally owe an explanation on why the founder of the organization got the boot. Though this is the latest in a string of firings and resignations. It's gruesome. Seattle just can't seem to have a decent Contemporary Art Center. Embarrassing. But there is hope! The Frye is opening it's Joseph Park exhibit tonight, and Casey Keeler is opening his show (that he curated and raised ALL the money to produce-impressive) at ConWorks tomorrow- and it looks super great!
By the way- in addition to Hand Grenade - another local art blog that is really great is Dangerously Chunky.