Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Joseph Park "Deluxe" oil on linen

First the Ryden "Wondertoonel" show- now The Frye Art Museum is kicking out the jams and exhibiting Joseph Park in an exhibit entitled "Moon Beam Caress". This is really good- so often the Seattle art scene is humiliating in its stagnance so kudos to the Frye.

Monday, January 31, 2005

This Friday at the Roq is the "Burnout Network" show- six Japanese hot rod/ Kustom Kulture artists. It is going to be amazing, can't wait..been looking forward to this show for months! Read more here.

art by Sugisack

art by Makoto
I love my mac laptop...I seriously can't imagine being without it. Should I be concerned that I dropped a piece of toast upside down on the keyboard and got jam under the fingermouse pad clicky thing?
That sounds like a very British thing to do...(John Cleese voice here please)
"I'm sorry Basil, I'm afraid I managed to get a jam sandwich wedged into your keyboard..."
I just found out "Pop Surrealism" is going into it's second printing already! Yes, I am feeling pleased with myself.