Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sea Monkey Massacre
Perhaps you would like to waste valuable work time looking at the Museum of Bad Fads. Including our friends the ebullient Seamonkeys. When I was little we had a huge mason jar chock full of the thriving, frisky critters. One day- we had caught a bunch of tadpoles at the pond and thought we could take them home and raise them with the Seamonkeys. Next day, there were no Seamonkeys in the jar, only suspiciously larger tadpoles. Poor sweet sad Seamonkeys. Nature is as cruel as she is beautiful.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I would just like to say I love love love Simon Doonan. (You MAY remember him from America's Next Top Model (Quit lying- you know you watch it) for being as bitchy as Janice Dickenson minus the crazy. He's writing about bad fashion for the New York Observer now.
Punk painter John John Jesse has a gorgeous new site and a great write up in the new Juxtapoz.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I was just lent a copy of the "Da Vinci Code Decoded" documentary directed by Richard Metzger of Disinfo! I haven't read the book yet- but now I may. The documentary was pretty interesting, it was with the people who wrote all the factual/speculative work on the subject that the Da Vinci Code author gleaned from. They seemed to be happy that the book was a hit, but a little guarded about it- as in "This is nice- but all the research came from us!"

Wooo! Check out Thumbmonkey 2.0! SEX-AY! Less eyewatering than the old TM. Thanks to Dr. Menlo for hooking me up!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Preshrunk is a really great site focusing on how to get cool t shirts. I once won a t-shirt slogan contest for Cafe Ladro (small Seattle coffee chain) with my entry "Coffee- It's What's For Dinner". My friend Scott didn't win with "Ride The Bean" although I actually think it's funnier and more disturbing than mine.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Although I don't wear much- I am obsessed with make up. I love it. But I especially loved it in the 80's. (In fact- I taught make up classes at Barbizon ("Be A Model Or Just look Like One") briefly when I was 20 until I got too depressed watching little fat suburban girls get fleeced for thousands thinking they were going to be models) Full disclosure- I too went to modeling school when I was 15. Then I discovered New Wave and my newly black assymetrical haircut ruined me as far as modeling for the Bon's junior miss department. I actually liked modeling school though- highlights: learning to eat a banana without looking like a ho ("Don't just cram that banana in girls. Break it off into little pieces!"), and my first exposure to "Eurotrash". I suspected something was amiss when I realized a fellow student had Down's Syndrome, that perhaps my school hadn't quite culled the best of the best for international modeling stardom...thanks Dad for paying for those valuable lessons!
Anyway- Retro Crush has a roast on 80's makeup- I actually had the book these pics were taken from and you'd better believe I tried them all out.

"I can't move my face."
I also enjoyed 80's hair. Mine was mainly ultra short and platinum blonde (YIKES) or black and teased Bananarama style. Having your hair dyed "Burgundy" was also very cool- especially if you wore it in a wedge cut bob.

I got tattooed yesterday. While I love the end result- I have to say that might have been the most excruciating hour and a half I have ever been through. I have tattoos on my arm, stomach, and hips, and fairly large ones at that- so let it not be said that I am a wimp- but yesterdays back tattoo f-ed me up. I figured so many frat chicks have tattoos on thier lower backs- so it can't be that painful- but it was. While I felt fine I was shaking uncontrollably during the whole session, a mixture of trying to keep my lower back still for Eric to work on, and nerve tweak out. That and it hurting like a bitch- especialIy across the spine.I practiced mindful breath- breathe the pain in, breathe it out and it surprisingly worked really well. I really wanted to stop actually- but you can't have half a tattoo. I couldn't face myself in the mirror. Once that needle goes in you are committed.
Now it has to be filled in with color.