Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Art Link Dump
I decided to just post below a bunch of wonderful art for your perusal as I'm feeling unsociable and reclusive for the holidays. Please enjoy!

Gary Monroe makes drawings of Appalachian Snake Handlers. When I first encountered his work, my hair stood up on the back of my neck. Gorgeous and powerful.

Oooh- just found a great page on Ernst Fuchs, whom I posted about below...

Look at these guys. Trouble.
And then there is the mad genius Donald Roller Wilson. My eyeballs practically want to burst with joy when looking at his paintings.

I have the great luck to be showing legendary comic artist Joe Chiodo's first forays into the gallery world. His new paintings are tight and seem to be enveloped in a soft focus haze, slightly 60's bachelor magazine. Big show here in April, can't wait to see what he does unfettered by commercial restraints.

Joe Chiodo "Dino-Tattoo"
Chicks and dinosaurs. What is not to love? Please.
I am enjoying the Art Dorks website.

image by Snake Fighter Yankee
I am absolutely in love with Lori Earley's paintings. She's having a show at Roq La Rue in June.
Art by my pal Kerry Ryan Simmons
"Skies Over Bagdad" (painted during the 1st Gulf War.)

(Please don't snag this image without asking her permission, or linking her- people take her work all the time without crediting her. Annoying.)

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Monday, December 20, 2004

My good girlfriend and influencial arts writer Katie Kurtz finally broke down and started a blog!
Some new slang I heard the other day (I may be late on the scene but whatev) when my friend Pat and his wife were talking about their TV stand..."Yeah, we totally batch'd it, it's one of those old stereo cabinets from the 80's"...
Batch- from "bachelor".
Ergo- to eat one's dinner sans plate over the sink is to batch one's dinner, to put on the cleanest dirty shirt and lots of deodorant is to batch oneself up, having brick and plank bookshelves is totally batch.
* By the way- why we were talking about their TV stand I am unsure. Welcome to married couple breakfast conversation folks.
The best animal weirdness post I've found this season is the story of the mysterious and rather loud whale cruising around the ocean. Seemingly a type of baleen whale (uses whiskery strainers for eating plankton rather than having pointy teeth) it is still unidentifiable and seems to be alone...
This story captivates me- what is this whale DOING? Is it lost? I've heard whales used to be able to hear each other half an ocean apart (before underwater noise pollution) so you'd think by now he'd have found his folks if he had been parted. Is he an outcast? A large bachelor? Who is this guy? And why is he yelling so loud? I want to see him!
On that note-one of the most amazing experiences of my life was hearing whale song underwater while snorkling in Hawaii. It was pretty brief but instantly imprinted itself on me, probably forever. My cousins swam out to a shelf once and heard a bunch of whales go by, the song so loud they felt the reverberations booming through thier chests...they say they still dream about it. I'
While doing a press search for "Pop Surrealism" I ran across this weird blurb in Seattle magazine, for thier "Best Of" issue....I'm the best purveyor of Lowbrow Art. That's a relief! I had no idea they did it so it was a strange, but rather nice surprise.