Friday, December 03, 2004

Last night I was dying my hair and was sitting around reading Jane magazine, and as I could feel my brain cells dying as I looked at that mag after 20 minutes or so , I had to go run and get a National Geographic so I could cram something more, I don't know, pertinent, in my enfeebled brain than learning about how Christina Applegate's dog craps all over her Hollywood Hills yard. What a awful magazine that is. Sassy (the editor's previous mag) was so awesome and Jane is so...vapid. Why?
That said, I watch America's Top Model religiously, and god I love this blog Fugly. If you're going to be trashy and dumb- do it all the way!
For some reason, my name seems to be really difficult for people to comprehend. It's Kirsten. Not Kristen, Kristin, Krysten, or Denise. What the fuck? There is a famous actress with the same name- so it's not completely obscure- and I know about 5 other Kirstens. What's annoying is when people misspell it while the proper spelling is right in front of them. It's fucking lazy. Not to mention things like when artists submit art to me with my name spelled wrong even though it's all over the Roq website- it gets discounted immediately. Petty but true. A gal I have seen everyday for the past 2 years just said "You know- I always get your name mixed up with Kristen and Kirsten". Do people do this to everyone? If your name is Mary to you get called Cary? Or Fairy? It's not like my name is Xhmlesprt. I'm having a moment about it because I've put up with it for 35 freaking years and it's GETTING A LITTLE OLD.
/rant mode off.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ignition's next project is a book about hearses...mainly the primo restored ones and the wilder customised ones. We are spreading the word to get submissions, we are getting a ton already, but are always on the look out- if you have a hearse or know someone who does let me know!
Going to San Francisco for a signing this Saturday at Varnish Gallery. Should have lots of pics of drunken art stars for ya...hopefully!