Thursday, November 11, 2004

I'm a "maven".
The Stranger has a really nice article about me, the Roq and "Pop Surrealism" this issue. And I don't look heinous in the picture! Hooray!
People like art
This painting by Rothko

just sold for over 17 million dollars.
I feel sick. I'm fully all for artists and those who love them making good money for what they do, and art is vitally important for the world and the soul of humanity,but christ- you know what you could do with 17 million dollars? A lot better than buying a bunch of paint smeared on a canvas.
Meanwhile, back in the real world- another few thousand kids die from diarreha from drinking tainted water.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

R.I.P. Junky
Junky, (aka Junkyard Dog), who lived in the gallery building and belonged to the blacksmith forge behind me) shrugged off the mortal coils and split this veil of tears this weekend. He was the biggest, oldest, grouchiest, blackest dog I ever knew. Drinker of beer, guardian of the building, the only dog I was too scared to pet. He was marvelous and he'll be missed.
My pal Kerry who is a well respected old school powerhouse hipster chick sends out missives every week- which used to be about music events- but have now taken a political tone. This quote I found inspiring:
"Friends, it is time to go to the mats.  It is our community of freaks, free thinkers, homos, chicks, and smarties that is under attack.  We are lucky to be surrounded by an axis of awesome and it is our responsibility to step it up.  It is time to take care of our own, politically and socially."
Viva The Axis Of Awesome!