Friday, November 05, 2004

I love Sorry Everybody. The gal from Florida made me laugh embarrassingly loud.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Delicious painting "Supper Club" by Marion Peck from her upcoming show at Copro Nason gallery in L.A.

More thoughtful election stuff at Boing Boing. Wipe the tear from your eye and rile yourself up.
I generally don't post about politics in here. But this sums up a little what I have been thinking. I did not write it, and I don't know who did...but, bon appetit! (If you know who wrote this let me know!)

"I say:
Fuck the conservative lower middle class and the Heartland. If it
weren't for subsidies from the coasts (almost all of those red
states are net gainers from the Federal budget, receiving more in
money from Washington than they pay in taxes to Washington), they'd
be worse off. Well, now they will be. While the coasts innovate
technologies and design new drugs and create movies and music and
styles that help keep our international trade less imbalanced, as
well as educate a disproportionate number of the nation's college
students, the South and Heartland receive crop subsidies for over-
farming, extracting com-modified raw materials, and producing SUVs
fit for the 1950s that no other country is interested in buying.
Bush's policies will hurt the inhabitants of these states (as indeed
they are doing now).

There is a Civil War on. But I now realize that it will be a Civil
Cold War. And the coasts can win it economically, in a war of
competitive attrition, just as the US did against the East block.
Massachusetts and California and New York, stuffed with the educated
liberal professionals that the Heartland disdains, will be fine.

So, let Ohio ban same-sex marriage, and let all of those rich
educated gays come and earn more of their money in Boston and San
Francisco and New York.

Let Montana and Alaska and Nevada have their "moral" president, who
will now allow the oil and gas industries to mine those states
silly. Meanwhile, California will continue to do things like tighten
air quality controls, ban off-shore drilling, and allow single-
occupancy hybrids to ride in the commuter lanes (which infuriated
Detroit, but was passed with Shwarzenegger's approval).

Let Southern states teach Creationism in schools, and let their
children fail to get jobs in the biotech & science industries found
primarily in blue states.

California is the leader in the Civil Cold War by passing measures
for money for stem cell research, building hospitals, and even a 1%
surplus tax on millionaires to pay for mental health care for
homeless people. States normally can't do these things, because it
makes them uncompetitive, but if a new civil cold war does break
out, it may make it easier for the states to act more autonomously,
because so many of their liberal "citizen" would never move to, say,
Arkansas or Louisiana. In fact, blue states will pay lower
Federal income taxes and (perhaps) start to innovate our own state-
wise social systems.

Perhaps now that we're fighting a civil cold war, blue States now
need to view the Federal government more as a loose military
association (like NATO) that we unfortunately happen to be a part
of. Forcing the States to act more like autonomous units and take
care of it's citizenry. . Why not? I mean, the way the Bush
administration is going, the Federal government will soon be unable
to do much more besides support the military (who's latest trend
seems to be in privatizing military support AKA out sourcing
military jobs into the private sector EG: Mechanics, cooks, laundry
& construction)

In the past, Republicans have have used the moniker of States Rights
to stay civil rights and Federal authority. Blue States should use
the States rights model to keep Roosveltian sensibilities in our
government. Again, look at California. I'm not going to address how
the world see us now. Only that before this election many
foreigners would say; "we don't hate Americans, we hate Bush. But
if your country re-elects him.....what do you think?"

It's not over people. It's just begun."

image courtesy Tom Bagely