Thursday, October 21, 2004

Maybe you need some wierdo "haunted portraits" from Gorey Details.....
Larry Reid (Lowbrow historian,curator, writer) got interviewed in the Spokane Inlander about Lowbrow art.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Here is another great Clovis Trouille image....

Which reminds me a little of Mexican artist/tattoo artist Doktor Lakra,, who I am slightly obsessed with. I want one of his paintings, bad.
Before there was lowbrow art god Coop and his naughty nuns,

There was Surrealist Clovis Trouille and HIS naughty nuns!
I really like the photography of Floria Sigismondi. Though her self portrait may be my most favorite image.

Her site is a tad outdated- but more pics can be seen here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Say Goodbye To My Little Friends
In my family we have a tradition of having Siamese cats...When we first moved to Seattle we got a Siamese kitten someone abandoned at the corner store...we named her Woof. After Woof died, when I was 16, we got Voltar. The cat got named that as my brother was heavily into Transformers and that sounded like a Transformers name. Anyhoo...the cat was for my mom but got comandeered by my sister. Today I learned that Voltar has shugged off the mortal coils after 18 years! She seemed pretty healthy, if a bit deaf, blind and prone to walking sideways. I don't feel *too* sad as Voltar had a long rich life, but it does seem like the end of an era,reminding me of when we (my siblings) all lived at home. In addition to Voltare we had another selection of cats...George Smiley- a big orange tomcat, and Curious, who was a tabby. We also had 3 ducks, 5 chickens, the world's most odious and odorous dog, Sidney Vicious, and a tiny bunny named Tater Tot. (Not to mention a tank of lizards gotten from the Puyallup Fair, loads of bettas, and the Tarantua my step brother kept covertly.) Our neighbors in the suburbs of West Seattle were not exactly crazy for our motley menagerie...but fuck em! Our very loved animals added a depth and richness to our lives that I'm eternally grateful for...not unlike living in a Gerald Durrell or Farley Mowat book. Our animals were a source of delight...and even thier naughty antics (Like my brothers 5 ft iguana getting stuck up the Christmas tree) were retold in stories with great pride. Plus- we had this little game that we played when we discovered that when you picked one of the ducks up, it would poop, sometimes with surprising force. So we would chase each other around the yard with our duck butt guns aimed at each other shouting "Say Hello To My Little Frien'!" Good times, good times.
The Monsters A Go Go opening was fun. Pretty mellow but pretty packed. A few people dressed my bartender David

The art looked great- lots of pieces sold.

and even the ghost of Andy Warhol came by to say "oh...gee..."

Monday, October 18, 2004

Haven't blogged- been ultra busy. I'm going to LA this weekend for a book signing at La Luz de Jesus Gallery for Pop Surrealism. I'm super psyched- Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Todd Schorr, Anthony Ausgang, Lisa Petrucci and the Pizz will be there to sign copies. I'm well aware no one wants my autograph- I'm just going to soak in the sweet sweet glamour. Plus it's at La Luz which was the inspiration behind Roq la that is neat. If you are in L.A. it 7-11pm on Oct 23rd!
I'll be having a big book party November 13th in seattle for the book- details coming soon....