Thursday, August 19, 2004

Oh sweet jebus- we just got an espresso machine as a wedding present. Now I can be nerped out on coffee in the luxury of my own home. Then I can make some orange juice with our new juicer! Presents are fun!
My dad also brought a bunch of photos of me as a kid. In them you can see me rocking a particulary foul pair of patchwork overalls with tutleneck and baseball cap (it was the 70's) and proof that not all Catholic Schoolgirls are sexy. In addition to my blackwatch kilt (down to my knees thank you) I had an enchanting Peter Brady haircut to go with my chipmunk cheeks and and large plastic new wave earrings. Sassy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Where the hell have I been?!
I got married over the weekend. What a tripped out experience. I was so nervous the day before the wedding I actually got an epic nosebleed from being so stressed out. I have a nosebleed since I was 12! The day OF the wedding though, I was totally calm and happy. We got married in the evening under a big tree in my mother's backyard garden, all light up with hanging candles...just like they say- I couldn't see anyone or hear anyone other than Kenny. It was great.(And Monster was nowhere to be seen.) I'm trying to get our digital pics back soon.
Now it's back to work. I'm working on a museum show which is pretty exciting. More on that later.