Saturday, July 17, 2004

K and I are getting hitched in less than a month. I've finally gotten to the mild anxiety stage- mainly because we have so much stuff to do...I just found a great site called Indiebride that talks about all kinds of stuff a 21st century has to contend with planning a wedding and a marriage. I am now moving into the pre wedding anxiety stage. We have it pretty good- K and I have both found what we wanted to wear (I'll probably look like a cross between a 30's movie star and the bride of Dracula, and he's be rocking the Mafia Don/Gomez Addams look (Hawt!). My mom has totally gone all Mother Of The Bride in the BEST way- all my parents are really excited and being so generous and helpful. But still...ALOT of people are coming...will we have enough food? Liquor? Will people have fun? Will there be screaming brats? Will it rain? (Outdoor wedding) Will I fall over in my high heels and take a header into the pond? Will Monster, (the black kitten I fobbed off onto my mother because she was pretty much evil incarnate-the cat that is) run up the back of my dress during the vows? (Not as unlikely as you might think...)

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Those last two posts were icky. Best to look at some fluffy kitties now.
I have a slight obsession with creepy, fucked up celebrity plastic surgery. It fills me with secret,dirty,impish glee when shallow, self obsessed, culturally worthless people who get paid fortunes to be sub par morons inject poison and plastic into perfectly fine faces and bodies and create fantastically freakish monstrosities out of themselves. Everyone in the world knows THIS DOES NOT LOOK GOOD...what is the deal then? John Shirley is the guest blogger at Boing Boing and he has a few things to say about the phenomena.(See guest sidebar)

Gah! The thing is- she'd probably look really great if she just aged naturally and healthily.