Saturday, July 10, 2004

The opening was jam packed last night...lots of people really enjoy being anti-Kinkade.
The whole thing was great fun with the exception of a disturbed person I had to call the cops on- but they say it's not really a party til the cops show up. I'm too old for that stuff now though. Anyhow- the rest of the show went great- and Jim Woodring brought the reclusive animator Bruce Bickford,who did work with Frank Zappa. He gave me his business card which he made out of a piece of foamcore, with a little window carved out with teeny tiny claymation figures inside. Neat!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I collect and adore wierd animal facts...but today I discovered an animal fact SO WIERD that it blew me away...I'm rather disgusted actually...yet seduced by my repulsion...who needs aliens when you have the sexy Surinam Toad, a large flattish and unremarkably colored frog that lives in river in South America...but come nesting time...

"With her back near the water surface, the female deposits 60 to 100 eggs. They are fertilized by the male and distributed over the back of the female. Eggs adhere and sink into the sponge-like dorsal skin. Within 24 hours, the female's back begins to swell around the eggs. By 10 days, each egg will be embedded in a chamber, producing a "honeycomb" on female's back. They remain on her back until fully metamorphosed (12 to 20 weeks), then push out through the membranes covering the pockets. Young are cannibalistic and have no gills or tails (reabsorbed during development)."

With eggs on back...arrrrgggg!!!

with some of the froglets popped out...agghhhhhh!Gah!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Perhaps you would like to make a delicious hot dog shark....

Gaze in wonder at the noble, tranquil majesty of the Awesome Unicorn T-shirt Of The Gods.