Saturday, June 12, 2004

This is a happy thing...Space Ship One is due to launch June 21st.

Space Ship One With White Knight and the Moon. I love that this looks like something out of Star Wars but it's real!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I am seriously under the gun with some work stuff so no blogging for a few days. In the meantime, you can check out David Bowie's art He also has a list of artists who he is featuring...let me know if any of them are interesting.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Fernwood Forever is planning on offering "all natural" funerals and cemetary plots...just you in a biodegradable box plopped in the dirt with a rock as a tombstone. I like it a lot. Much better than being in one of those sealed caskets. Do you know what happens when you put a corpse and it's fermenting internal bacteria in a sealed metal box? Bad things, friends. It's not nice at all. Let me just say "leakage" and "occasional explosions".

Monday, June 07, 2004

My friend Larry is a curator at the Sci Fi Museum here in Seattle- and last night I got a sneak peek at the "Family n' Friends" opening. Let me just say I was really looking forward to seeing what they had done, but also skeptical that it'd be good. I was blown away. It's a small museum, but gorgeously's in the EMP which looks like a space blob anyway so it fits right in.

The whole thing was designed by former Disney imageers I gather, and it looks it. They also look like they didn't skimp on the decoration. You first enter a big room that's lit up like a night sky. This room is sort of the "Intro To SciFi"room...(I snapped as many covert pics as I could before I was told not to) A great big globe dominates the room, it's got four projectors on it at once creating a seamless image on the whole of the globe.

There are lots of cases with books and other Sci Fi arcana in here, plus a big computer console with a gogeous lit up glass screen that tells you about whatever author you might need to know about.

I squeezed off some quick pics- including ET, and his spaceship model, the egg from Aliens,and my favorite, the clear plastic raincoat the replicant who ran through the window in Blade Runner wore...

You then continue on to 3 more exhibits that are in rooms made to look like you are in a spaceship (my camera got banned at this point)...the floors even rumble occassionally to give you that derelict space ship sensation. It's awesome. Among the highlights: Darth Vader's mask, Captain Kirk's chair, an Armory with more space weapons than you can shake a stick at (including Barbarella's crossbow gun-sweet), a Spinner car from Blade Runner, a room full of gorgeous paintings (mostly from book covers), a globe that you can ask to display different planet surfaces on, and two huge screen looks like you are looking out of a spacestation, looking at tons of spaceships go by (The Millenium Falcon, Red Dwarf, Moya, evt ect-) all from different movies and can pick one on a computer console and it will give you all the specs and film clips as well as let you look at it in 3-d. I'm not explaining it as well as I'd like but the technology seems to be really top notch and creative...and fun! I think another one of the really great things was that you are surrounded by sound the entire time, sound effects, music, all kinds of neat, neat stuff that really adds to the whole expirience immensely. I think it's going to be $13 to get in and I have to say I think it's actually worth it. I spend a good 2 hours in there and probably could have stayed longer. Unfortunately for me the giftshop wasn't opened yet. I would love to buy some of the tapes of the interviews they had playing. Really marvelous.