Saturday, May 29, 2004

Linkdump 2
Two excellent sites for hip arty wierdness are
Geisha Asobi Blog and
Octopus Dropkick
Also- got to include my holmes at six different ways...
Cicadas gone wild
Cicadas are all over the place lately. Here is a list of 17 things you can do with dead fav is the hot glue flip flop kustomizing. When my grandparents lived in Virginia Beach, VA we would go cicada shell collecting. The bugs crawl onto tree trunks and then molt their exoskeleton, leaving a perfect rice crispy colored replica of themselves behind...when my aunt was recovering after diving off a boat into an oyster bed, I fixed her breakfast in juice, toast, coffee, and a big toasty bowl of cicada shells. What a little creep I was.


Thursday, May 27, 2004

Your house wants an overhaul. Perhaps you want some wildly expensive, yet really cool Post Modern Pet accoutrements.

Maybe you need tips on how to turn your house into a Lenny Kravitz Loveshack

Maybe you want to buy a mid mod house here in Seattle.(I'll just keep dreaming.)Don't think I havent noticed rock walls fireplaces are back in style. K and I have an OG rock wall straight outta Bedrock and it rules.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Toasted Bats
My new kitten was born today! I get to see her (him?) in a month or so. In other animals news- I've been cultivating our patio to be a wee little wildlife haven- we have a mob of fat LBJ's (Little Brown Jobs-yer standard brown bird), a huge blue jay, a squirrel family, and now we have a opossum! I wanted to see if I could get some bats to shack up in our yard- but don't have enough sun (ironically- bat houses need tons of direct light to keep the bats toasty and warm).Frickin' cute ya'll.

OMG Wheeeee!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Oooh- I totally forgot our incredible new library opened yesterday- the toast of the architectural town.I'm glad Seattle has something to be proud of- what with everyone considering the EMP to be hideous. (I kinda like it actually- especially now that the Sci Fi Museum is going in, but I like anything that's not another poured concrete block.) I'm going to check out the library tomorrow. Sean posted these pics and more yesterday...

Monday, May 24, 2004

Strangely- even though I'm a feminist, my idols have always been guys. Many times the guys I got crushed out on I actually wanted to be like rather than be with. Certain guys just seemed to have an effortless cool that a groovy chick just didn't have. Nick Cave was my absolute number one style icon for his badass consumptive mafia henchman look, red satin shirts, pinstriped suits, pinky rings, dyed black long hair. Fuckin A. That man could work a serious pair of white patent leather loafers like nobody's business, and kick your ass and make your ears bleed while doing it. Other cool guys: Tom Waits, Kid Congo Powers, David Bowie (who could churn out the crap til the end of time and still retain godlike status for his work in the 60's and 70's), Screamin Jay Hawkins, Jim Jarmusch...
The coolest thing I ever saw though, was one day when I was working in a record store- we played old music videos and stuff on tv monitors as backround imagery. One day I saw an old black and white clip of Bo Diddley playing some song with the Dutchess (who I cant find any info on dammit) who was playing an electric guitar in a long gold lame dress, with beehive hair and pussycat eyeliner. She had a gal dressed identically on either side of her and they had this synchronized, very fluid swaying dance going on while Diddley was practically having a conniption and falling over, glasses going sideways on his face, from rocking so hard. Then the three woman busted into this crazy pelvic thrust dance,shimmying forward, the two girls doing a "come hither" hand movement and the Dutchess still seamlessly playing the electric guitar- all with completely impassive expressions on thier faces. THAT blew my hair back, I tell you what.
I recently got interviewed for NW Source by Geoff Carter. It's online here. It was the most fun interview I've ever had, even though the accompanying pic makes me look like a smurf.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Some wisenheimer put a little purple Dino in front of a webcam on a remote island here to see a bigger version... it's pretty funny.