Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Oh yeah. This is Junky (short for Junkyard Dog)...he lives in the building
that the gallery is in. He's a massive grouchy dog...he's great. If anyone ever broke in Junky would eat them. I am a
friend to all animals but even I don't pet Junky.

Monday, May 03, 2004

I got asked by Seattle Magazine what my favorite painting I owned was. I had to pick one so I said my Clayton Brothers painting...but my most fav painting of all time is "The Sleeping Gypsy" by Henri Rousseau.

This is the first painting I can remember having a real impact on me- I don't even know how little I was when I saw it- but the atmosphere of the piece definitely resonated with my own inner landscape...I feel I can smell the air in this painting- feel the breeze...the tension in this scene is so delicious I can barely stand it....

This piece, "The Snake Charmer" also by Rousseau, completely creeped me out in the best way. Isn't is fabulous? I couldn't have the book that had this image on it open for long...I had to shut the book to keep it contained and me safe...otherwise I was concerned I'd find myself lost in that world in a dream and that was way too scary to contemplate. Mainly because it made me think of Sasquaches. I'm sorry but it's true. Now I adore it even though it still disturbs me.

Side note: When we moved here from Macon, Georgia when I was 11 I was REALLY concerned and scared about the Bigfoot situation in the Northwest. I could not believe I was going to have to live amongst them. Now of course I'd give an eyetooth to see one.
Yep- It's Another Goddamn Post About My Cat

Bonjour Monkey!
She is like a slim, so beautiful, so self absorbed,
eats furtively, completely neurotic...
This is her new pose- she likes to look at us upside down.
Not quite sure what that is about.
No way...there is a site devoted to guys who look like Kenny Rogers!
Dad, I'm looking your direction right now.

(I guess I should state my dad looks like an incredible handsome and sophisticated version of Kenny Rodgers right? It's just the hair.)
yoinked from Everything Is Dumb