Saturday, May 01, 2004

Random Reads
Every month if I can swing it I go to the book store and buy whatever I want. This months reads so far...
"Lamb" by Christopher Moore...I already plowed through this one- Hee-larious account of Jesus' early years by his childhood pal Biff. Really funny and sweet. A nice companion piece to the Jesus Chainsaw Massacre- er- The Passion.
The Science Of Good and Evil by Michael Shermer I read this guy's other book- "Why People Believe Wierd Stuff" on why people buy into assorted wierdness like UFO's, ghosts, *coughreligioncough* was ok- Carl Sagan's "Demon Haunted World" was more in depth...but we can't all be Carl Sagan can we? No we can't, alas.This looks interesting- all about evolutionary behavior n' shit.
The New Humanists- Science At The Edge by assorted people Don't know much about this one- looks good- seems to be written very optimistically, yet realistically.
Respect Mah Authoritay
Last week for some strange reason the Seattle Post Intelligencer interviewed me about the kid who got questioned by the Secret Service fer chrissakes for drawing Dubya's head on a stick in protest of the war. I hadn't seen the drawings which I told the reporter and in fact said it wasn't quite my juristiction since I was an art dealer and this was something some 15 year old drew in class- but anyway...

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Delmar Comes To Live With Us
Last night I was in Petco buying some cat treats when I saw the betta fish display. Goddamn those Petco people- the fish were in teeny cups only half full, and the water was dirty to boot. I know- supposedly it's "ok" to keep bettas like that.."They dont mind it" but I'm not buying it. One fish looked kinda fiesty so I bought him, a tank, and all the accoutremonts a fish could want. When I put him in his new home he perked up visibly, and spent lots of time checking out his new pad. He seemed to like it- then I gave him a snack.(Mmmm...sweet sweet bloodworms). Monkey is totally not interested in him so I think he'll have a nice life at our house. Better than being in a dixie cup under the flourecent lights of Petco at anyrate. His name is Delmar. He's pretty cute.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I mentioned before K and I are remodeling our condo. We went from this:

To this:

Everything looks better with a tiki in it.
I have a line of one of these.

I'm thinking about. K and I really want a hearse but do we REALLY need a 20ft 3 ton piece of steel? If we lowered the top in front, pinstriped it, painted ghostly green flames, and added flamethrowers out the back it sure would be sweet though.

UPDATE: I'm passing on the hearse- the guy really does not want to sell it-even though he must. I just feel wierd about that. Plus there is a ghost- a young girl, who is uppity. I can't quite figure out why a ghost would be haunting a hearse (as we all know they tend to be stuck at the scene of thier violent deaths) but anyway. I'm less concerned about the ghost than I am about this guy's total distress over losing his car. It's a bummer.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Look at this little guy...

Sheesh. WHERE IS MY BABY MARMOSET?! Me love monkeys long time.
So I'm SUPPOSED to be at home WORKING but I seem to just be looking at pictures of monkeys. Dangit. Today I'm supposed to be finishing up book stuff- we are almost done, but I'm so BURNT. If I just spent one hour I could get alot done- but I've been procrastinating for three. Very naughty on my part. The one semi constructive thing I did while I was off horsing around instead of working was picking up art materials, I have an idea for K and my wedding invites...let's just say bats may be involved. I can't believe the sheer volume of fluffy wedding crap that exists out there- it's godawful. Fluffy cheap white crap with no imagination whatsoever. Needless to say I will not be wearing white...which I look like a corpse in anyway. I found an absolutely amazing vintage style dress, gold silk and black lace-very 30's Chanel. I'm really looking forward to this wedding...I'm definitely NOT one of those "I'm the princess for the day" types...nothing has to be "perfect" just very fun. It takes quite a bit of stress of if you don't subscribe to a traditional wedding. Our wedding will be so "us" that it's kind of hard to get worked up about. Anyway- I'm rambling and not doing my work so I'd better get with it.
Merci pour le monkee!