Saturday, April 24, 2004

Shatner Makes It All Better
Yesterday I was booking down the street on the way to my bus stop- when a "homeless" guy asked me if I wanted to buy a copy of "Real Change" (which is a local paper that homeless people can sell as a legitimate way to make some dough). When I say asked I should say he growled it while not really looking at me, after just doing a "hey baby" to a gal who just walked by. I shook my head and kept walking- the second I passed him he spit at my feet. Normally I'd be "Whatever, loser" but it had so much venom and hate behind it I actually got really shook up about it. BECAUSE- I've been notcing this alot lately! Skanky ass guys spit very vocally as I pass by lately. What the fuck is that? I can't imagine it's only me. It must be some wierd female hating thing. It's not because I'm a bitch either- because I'm usually pretty cool to people who aren't aggresively bugging me. Anyway- my eyesight almost literally went red at that moment with anger and I wished a very violent curse on him before I knew what I was doing. I don't think that's the healthiest way to deal, but maybe humanity IS fucked. I have a friend who says civilization is only the thinnest of veneers, it can crack instantly and you'd better be ready. I like to think that people act aggresively out of thier own hurts and that should be compassionately addressed-but sometimes I just don't give a fuck.
Anyway it really bothered me all the way home...I even tried to tire myself out with a bike ride but I just felt wierd and disillusioned.
Until...I switched on the TV and "Star Trek-The Wrath of Khan" was on! Yeah! Somehow, stupidly- that made things better because I was watching Capt Kirk and Khan overdramatically duking it out. It reinvigorated my appreciation for art and creativity- because someone made that movie- and alot of the reason they did it was (yes, money, but more importantly) FUN! God bless people who make an effort and do something constructive with thier lives other than spitting at girls on the street.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Holy moses- I nearly peed my pants looking at this BITCHEN trailer for some japanese fantasy cyberpunk movie.
My friend Sean just got a blog. I call him the "Punk Rock Grizzly Addams" because of his uncanny way with animals. I may start volunteering back at the zoo- a shift opened up along side him and I think it'd be fun. We've been scheming and have come up with a f-ing cool idea relating to wildlife and education...more on that later if it pans out.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Monday, April 19, 2004

Aural architecture
By the way- Lisa Gerrard's new cd is genius. She does a very magical, very sweet version of the Lord's prayer sung in Aramaic.
"Lisa and Patrick finished Immortal Memory an album of extraordinary transcendence that defies glib categorisation. With Lisa singing in both ancient Gaelic and Aramaic Latin and sometimes without words at all - its a timeless record that takes the listener on a memorable journey as the ten tracks trace a cycle of life and death and rebirth that touches on the mystery of existence itself."
Normally I call bullshit on press talk like that but this time it's true.
The Tenderizing Of Christ
Well- since uproar seemed to have died down, I went and saw the Passion last night. My main thoughts were "Ow!" and "Christ, Mel- need much psychotherapy?".
I have to say I thought this film was interesting- but I'm not sure it worked. Well- it didn't quite work for me. I thought it looked rather nice aside from all the ripped skin and copious amout of gore...but the characters were mostly one dimentional cut outs, with the exceptions of Mary-the mother, who frankly was awesome and truly was the human soul of the film, Simon- a bystander who gets roped into helping Jesus carry his cross, and Pilate- who great pains were taken to explain why he was actually "innocent" of turning over Jesus to the crowd. The Jewish leaders were mainly portrayed as just being bad assholes...I feel it would have been nice to add a little dimension as to why they wanted this guy dead so badly. Even Jesus is treated a bit one dimensionally- mainly because he spends 99% of the film getting the crap kicked out of him. The absolute thing that fell flat for me (being a heathen "non-believer") was the last minute of the film (Spoiler alert) when we see the bright and shiny ressurected minute to clean away all the filth and blood splatters we are subjected to throughout the movie...this to me is the whole point of the story right? That he was the Son Of God ...but I felt it was more like I was watching a superhero movie all of a sudden. Personally the part of the film that demonstrated Christ's story the best was when he's being crucified with extreme prejudice- but still calls on forgiveness for his tormentors. I don't know- this movie wasn't made for the likes of me I think...but I worry a bit for people who focus on this ancient story and forget that this stuff actually happens now. People do forgive people who have murdered loved ones, or who have tortured and raped them...what about the power of a mere man enduring unspeakable horrors and forgiving the person responsible, simply for the desire to stop a vicious circle and have peace. I felt this movie was a bit of a guilt trip- the gore (and friends, it was f-ing gory) used not only as demonstration, but as manipulation. This tactic and the emphasis on Mary (which I liked) made this obviously catholic- and I don't think anyone pretends it's other than that.
I'm not sure- I am still pondering this film.And it did make me pick up a bible (or "Bib-lee" if you're an Eddie Izzard fan) and do a little research on what was up. And I will say the devils in the movie get an A+ for sheer hallicinogenic creep out.